His first love ( Mine)

Princess Juliet

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I stretched as I woke up, I checked the time, I got enough time to prepare for school.. I headed to the kitchen and mom was already there preparing breakfast... That is mom for you .. “oh, lest I forget , let me introduce myself
I am Efua Daniels, the only child of Mr &Mrs Daniels.. I am 19 years old and being the only child I was pampered.. I am tall and curvy with a crystal blues eyes.. I know I am beautiful...I know
I am a fresh man at Eagles college, a prestigious school known for admitting brilliant students.... well , I won’t say I am brilliant but you know as the saying goes”money solves all things “
I hugged my mom, I took after her in everything
“Good morning mom”.. I greeted her as I disengaged from the hug..
Morning baby, she replied..
She quickly made coffee for me and hushed me to my room to go prepare for school while she and Andy set the table .. Andy is our maid. a dark chubby lady .. a little bit older than I am
I went to my room to prepare

*. *. *. *. *. *

We sat around the dining and enjoyed a delicious meal.. I stood up first and pecked my mum
“Off to school... I said
Be careful princess and concentrate............
On your studies and avoid bad friends.. I completed and rolled my eyes.. I was used to his never ending advice
“See ya’.. I waved and headed to school in my car


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Efua POV

Will you take Troy Adams as your lawfully wedded husband

“ yes , I do”. I replied

The priest turned to Troy

Will you take Efua Daniels as your lawfully wedded wife

“ yes I do”. He replied

I now proclaim you man and wife , you may kiss the bride .

Troy drew me to him and gave ……

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