The Forgotten Night(BxB)


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The womanizer philandering asshole bastard, Josiah Tyler Callahan was known over the town because of his peerless appearance; eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, jaw lines, Adam's apple, abs, everything is perfect, well sculptured. And what made girls' crazy over him the most is because he is gifted between his thighs, everyone wishes to feel it, but only the lucky one, have the chance to taste it.

But despite of the things that was stated, he has low tolerance of alcohol and that's what he hates the most. He was aware of it, but no one can stop him on drinking any kinds of it, until one night, something happened.

And as he woke up early in the morning, he was clueless, he forgot the happiest night of his life, the only clue left to him was his body that hurts like hell especially his ass!

Wait, did someone fvcked him in the ass?! The one of the famous womanizer in town was fvcked?! Isn't he should be the one to fvck?!


If you're given a chance to love without boundaries, but can end up blasting everything on your path, will you take the risk?

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