Redemption of a queen

Z Ali

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The story continues......

Luke is thrilled that he found his soul mate and she is the girl of his dreams. Sophia couldn’t be happier that the one who had captured her heart was her soul mate. Sophia is crowned queen, even though that is something that she didn’t expect.
Life is perfect. Or at least they think it is.
There are some witches and wizards unhappy that their queen is a werewolf. And one particular witch, Jaime is devastated. She had fallen for the young king and tried her best to impress him. But non of those efforts were fruitful.
What will she do? How should she react? She is completely heart broken. Her friends try to console her, but her heart is completely shattered.


what does he see in her? she is just a werewolf. I thought.
I will better at being queen.
I held my head high and left the coronation ceremony.


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42. epilogue

Sophie pov

It was Mary and William’s wedding ceremony. As king and queen, we will have to carry out the ceremony. William fidgeted nervously on his spot when he saw Kira approach him with Kira and her aunt. William took her hand and smiled before kneeling in front of us. I couldn’t hide my excitement. I kept grinning at my bestie wh……

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