The Unwanted


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Onyx Graystone is the poster boy of perfection. The youngest of the Graystone Alpha family he’s always lived up to their expectations and succeeded at every task. His training to be head warrior now complete the only thing missing in Onyx’s life was for his perfect girlfriend Eliza Jade Mills to turn eighteen for them to finally see they are mates.

Gatlin Pryce better known as Liny has spent years working so one day she could move out of the pack. After her father’s death and her mother remarried Gatlin didn’t really fit in anymore, not with the pack or her family but like her father she has always been strong-headed and stubborn and knows what she wants and its to make a life for herself somewhere else.

What happens when fate interferes on Gatlin’s birthday and her destiny entangle's her with Onyx.


Tags: kickass heroinepowerfulwarriordramahumorouswerewolvesrejectedslow burnsassyselfish
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"I can't wait till this month is over, Rella" Gatlin grumbled into the phone. They had limited phone time and as soon as they returned from camping Gatlin was straight onto the phone to the only person she could speak to her aunt Aurella.

"I thought you were making friends, Linz?" her aunt questioned she was quite concerned over Gat……

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