Stalking Miss Nobody


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The Girl. She is the most normal average girl anyone could see, she is one of the nerdy type that doesn't like to mingle with anyone and likes being alone, somewhat reserved and unnoticed by her classmates and schoolmates that makes her life even more easier to live with, though she doesn't have many friends like others do she is well contented, she might not be that popular cheerleader or the campus queen B but she's the star of their mathematics club and won many quiz Bees. Yep. She likes to end her high school life as the Miss nobody.

The Boy. The most popular handsome baseball ace player of the campus, well loved by everyone especially the girls, he is sometimes the bad boy type but other times he's sweet. He is smart and athletic that made girls wants to have him. Treated as the Campus king he should be contented but he is not. The one girl he wants to notice him is ignoring in their last year in high school he has decided. Its now or never. he's gonna Stalk Miss Nobody.


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I freakin can't believe that after three years of following a nerd's everyday life will get me this addicted.

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