I Am Not Her


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Winter Brielle Claveria had an uncanny resemblance with Jewel Elizalde—Noah's late wife. Nang dahil sa pagkakahawig na yun ay nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na magkalapit ang mundo nila Noah at Winter. When tragedy struck on Winter's life, she had no way to run to. Noah offered help then, that is under one condition.

Be the mother of his son.

She accepted his offer, not only because she was in need of money but also she wanted to get closer to this man who already captured her heart from the moment they first met. But Noah put a boundary between them that she should never cross. Hindi pa itong handang magmahal ng iba.

“Should I remind you again that you are only here because of my son. I never ask you to fall in love with me. So whatever feelings you have for me, keep it to yourself. I don't need it.”


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Chapter 29

“HOW long has it been since we had a bonding?”

She threw a quick glance at her friend, Emma and shook her head. “It’s just been a week,” she said amusedly. Ang tingin ay ibinalik sa mga laptop na naka-display.

Dahil sabado naman ngayon ay inaya niyang lumabas si Emma. Nagpasama siya dito sa pagbili ng laptop para sa kap……

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