Pursuit of the Wanderer

Chad V. Holtkamp

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An old nemesis returns to wreak havoc on the far side of the galaxy...
With bounties on their heads and trigger-happy pirates eager for a hefty payday, the agents of SPOOK & GOON must race against time to settle an old score once and for all.
Can they save the day without getting themselves killed?
Buy the gripping space opera tale, Pursuit of the Wanderer, today and join the fun with the sixth mission in The SPOOK & GOON Space Adventures series.


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Peitz woke the next morning cuddled up in a fetal position, the smooth purple cotton percale duvet cover of his Eiderdown comforter tucked tightly up under his chin. The TX’s top-of-the-line accoutrements didn’t stop with the galley or even the engines. The furnishings throughout the ship were the creme de la creme of offer……

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