Infinite Fantastika

Paul Di Filippo

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This eclectic, wide-ranging collection of some of Di Filippo's newest stories—plus one newly excavated gem from nearly thirty years past—illustrates the enormous territory encompassed by modern fantastical fiction in general, and this writer's realm in particular.  From the sheer Lovecraftian weirdness found in "The Horror at Gancio Rosso" to the biopunk future of "The Herple is a Happy Beast"; from the old-school pulp of "Airboy and Vooda Visit the Jungles of the Moon" to the hardcore cyberpunk of "A Faster, Deeper Now", these tales chart the unexpected, the comical, the tragic and the likely-to-happen.  Whether our heroes are trying to kill God ("The Trail of the Creator, the Trial of Creation") or time-travel to a happier era ("I'll Follow the Sun"), they exhibit all the intelligence, derring-do, resilience and manic assaults on the multiverse found in the best classic imaginative literature.


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Previous Publication Information

Previous Publication Information

“Before and After Science” first appeared in Arrows of Desire, 1990.

“The Trail of the Creator, The Trial of Creation” first appeared in Paradox, 2014.

“Domotica Berserker!” first appeared online at Daily SF, 2014.

“I’ll Follow the Sun” first appeared in The ……

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