Falling for the Alpha


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Allison's long term relationship had come to an end and she needs to strike out into the world to find herself again, but she seems to find a dark and broading Luca everywhere she turns. She can't seem to clear her mind and focus without Luca taking over her thoughts and dreams.

Luca has been the alpha of the Blue Moon pack for 5 years now. He's given up hope on finding his mate, until the moon goddess brings him Allison. He can tell she isn't a wolf like he is, but that won't stop him from seeking her out.


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New Beginnings

Allison's POV

I was walking through the woods. There was a light breeze and the glow of the moon was illuminating the area. As I came across a stream, I sat down and dipped my toes in. I remember this place. I had been here frequently since I was a child. I knew it was only a matter of time until the woman came. The wind picked up and my h……

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