The Creamery: Lena's Story

Matilda Martel

2503 reads

After participating in a clinical trial, Lena wakes up weeks later with a pair of milky tits and an insane libido that has her needing relief on both ends.

When she graduates from college and can't find a job, she hears about a fetish brothel that caters to men who pay big to breastfeed from pretty young girls.

Desperate for money, Lena takes the job but quickly finds herself becoming the object of a gangster's obsession.  

After she finds that he can satisfy her like no other, will the obsession become mutual?


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The following morning I called Kendra and told her I was quitting. When she asked why, I told her I had found another job and needed to move on.

“Was Ivan making you uncomfortable?” She asked me in a sympathetic voice. “I noticed he was seeming a bit obsessed with you.”

For a few seconds I was almost relieved.……

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