Rescue & Redemption

W.M. Kirkland

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A damaged jockey who feared riding again...

Reyes Soto relived the accident that ended his career and the life the racehorse he'd been riding nearly every day. The demons in his mind kept him from even thinking about riding again. Until his friend Arcelio invited him to 2 Hearts Rescue and he meets a horse named Badger and an ex-con. Both touch his heart and give him hope...if only the demons of PTSD from his accident would let him go.

An ex-con who finds a talent for construction...

Beck keeps his past hidden. He knows his record isn't good, and when he's sent to 2 Hearts Rescue to do community service after a fight he in no way regretted, he thinks he's going to get in his time and leave. It's what he's always done. But the horses mean something, and he discovers he likes the carpentry tasks he has a talent for. He also wants a certain ex-jockey. He doesn't want to be judged for his past, and he certainly isn't going to judge Reyes for him. Now to convince him that he's interested in staying once his time is served, and he'd like Reyes to stay with him.


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Excerpt from Striding Home

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Arcelio (Ace) Mendez lost his career as a jockey and part of his leg in a horrible accident during a race. He thought he’d lost his lover, Danny Raines, too. Ready to move on with his life, he accepts an invitation from 2 Hearts Rescue to come see the horse he’d ……

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