Wild Fire

M. L. Buchman

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-a Firehawks romance-
When Gordon Finchley crashes his wildland firefighting helicopter through burning trees into a remote lake. He knows he’s toast.

Moments later, when newly-arrived Ripley Vaughan nearly slices him in two with her massive Erickson Aircrane helicopter, he discovers a whole new reason to fly.

In this riveting wrap-up to the Firehawks series, the entire Mount Hood Aviation heli-attack squad needs all their skills to not get burned by the Wild Fire.


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Wildfire at Dawn (excerpt)

Wildfire at Dawn (excerpt)

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Mount Hood Aviation’s lead smokejumper Johnny Akbar Jepps rolled out of his lower bunk careful not to bang his head on the upper. Well, he tried to roll out, but every muscle fought him, making it more a crawl than a r……

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