Saviors 101

M. L. Buchman

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-a Deities Anonymous novel-
The Gods sent Dana Murphy to Seattle to save the Earth. But, no one remembered to tell her that.

The problem? In a fit of ennui, the Software that Runs the Universe launches the Armageddon subroutine. Now, all Creation won’t last the week.

Dana’s assets:
• The Best Friend – dropped out of Girl Scouts to drive race cars
• The Boy Friend – an aerodynamics major who goes with the flow
• The Nerd – wrote the hottest new on-line game
• The Devil – who’s in hiding.
• A pint-size angel with a talking disorder—she never shuts up.
• A poet and a prophet with over five thousand years combined experience at being dead.

The forces of evil are amassing.
Then the gods start bickering...


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Eric Erikson hit the buzzer for Valerie’s apartment and got no response.

He considered that it was awfully late, she’d probably gone to bed. Maybe he should go. But she’d sounded so desperate.

He hit the buzzer again, longer and harder.

No voice squawked out of the speaker. But there was click, then a groan, like someone in dee……

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