I Was Never Yours, Mr. Billionaire


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Vichy, the daughter of the President, comes from one of the powerful families of this country. Having fallen out with her father, she left the family with her true identity hidden.
She then met a man who is handsome and super rich. Even he didn't know her past and true identity, they still got married.
Vichy thought she met her Mr. Right, however, the only reason he married her was that he needs the marrow of their children to save his first love...

It was just a game of love, I didn’t expect to really fall in love with you.

Hi, my dear readers, my new book: His Adopted Brother Turned To Be A Girl!is coming, here is the blurb, hope you like it:

“Laraine don’t blame us. We don’t want this any more than you do.”
“We have kept you in our home! We fed you, spent money on you for so many years, and this is how you pay us back!?”
“Tiffany needs this heart more than you do. She will die without it!”

With the last trace of strength she had, Laraine yanked the needle out of her neck and into her chest where her heart was thumping wildly.
“Laraine!” Nathan shouted angrily, his eyes becoming fierce, “Why? Why did you do that? Tiffany is your sister. You would rather destroy your heart than give it to her! She was right. You are very selfish!”

Laraine felt like she was on fire. Hot! It was so hot!
Suddenly, she felt someone kissing her lips, crushing and gnawing on them. She tried to push the person away, but the fire and pain in her body made her approach him if only to ease her pain.
Suddenly, her sharp pain subsided, as quickly as it had come. Laraine blearily opened her eyes. She tested her limbs and was surprised to find her naked body still ached.

Where was she? Had not she been killed? Why was she lying naked in a strange bed?


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Chapter 395 Doubts after doubts

    After the kiss, Gim still smiled at her, and Vichy's cheeks flushed. Ashamed, she punched Gim in the chest, "Say it quickly!"


    It's just that her punch was just a bit stronger than tickling, and it couldn’t cause any physical damage to Gim. He moved his eyebrows. Well, my sweetie is angry ag……

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