A Truth About Hell

Rosemary Newton

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A rainy night in the Silk Valley, fourteen men found themselves in a bus. Before they figured out what happened, they had to run away because of the landslide. Then, the strange sounds of drums led them to a dark building. Exhausted, they took a rest. Yet, strange things kept happening next morning…


Tags: DarkZombieGhostPoliceWizard
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Chapter 89 - Sylvia

"If the murderer was the same person, Toby's death was supposed to be between seven and nine last night. Sylvia left the bar with Toby at about seven o 'clock. Toby went back to find the picture alone.”

“He never came back. And around 8:40 that night, I came back with Roman. Twenty minutes later, Zoey came back."

Zoey was ne……

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