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"Mate," the beast with the empty eyes growl at me. Pinning me to the tree by my neck, I could feel the sparks and tingles from his hands travel down my neck until my lower region, making me bite onto my lower lip to supress a moan. I trash around to try and free myself but I was nothing against him.

"Mine," he growled for the second time, applying more pressure onto my neck making me whimper at him. I quickly nod my head in submission, making him smirk at me sadiscally.

Salvatore is the strongest and most feared Alpha the world's ever known, even the humans who bow down to him. He's taken over the entire council, leaving no one to stop him from taking over every pack and country there is. 

His past has moulded him into the heartless and ruthless beast but maybe all he wants is for his mate to love him.

Charlotte is the typical popular badass everyone thinks they know but actually don't. She works as an assassin, to kill for her boss, but blends in as a high school girl.

Charlotte will be involved in a whole new world when Salvatore is determind to find his mate to be his new ruling luna.


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I frown when I saw that Salvatore had stopped his car in an open field. Small candles dimly lit the dark sky together with millions of stars that hung above it.

I step out when I noticed that he had already opened my door and was waiting for me to come out. I hesitatantly took his hand he offered and stood up.


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