Finding Anna

Vera Morgan Romance & Erotica

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Anna left in hopes of never being found.
If she were found - if he found her - she would have to return.
And that wasn't an option.

When her car breaks down in the small town of Bellwood, Anna starts to think this tiny town might be the perfect place for her to start over.
To start a new life, find a new love, and maybe even find herself after living in fear for years.


Tags: ChicklitRomance
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Chapter Five

Chapter Five

After getting off the phone to her mother, Anna decided to head over to the diner in search of food. The place, thankfully, wasn’t as bright on the inside as it was on the outside. She took a deep breath as she walked over and sat down at one of the booths in the most private and secluded area of the diner. She glanced over th……

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