Nicholette's Reign (Book 1)

H.M. Moktadir

189 reads

[FINISHED] Nicholette Boyojek has just been crowned the young queen of Delladine after her father suffers a mysterious death. She quickly finds herself in a battle of politics with the surrounding countries and her own cabinet members. When two men who were set to be executed for practicing a dangerous, sacrificial magic called Noduv are miraculously spared, Nicholette finds that she has an important role in saving their lives. As the young queen sets out to mend her torn nation, she finds there are dark things lurking outside of her palace walls.


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A Man On A Black Horse

Nicholette sat at the head of the table that still stood in the middle of the Ivory Room. She looked at the seats filled with her new cabinet, and for the first time since Moss’s execution a week ago, she felt as if she were regaining control. Bleu sat at her right hand as he now took the position as head of military and strategic advisor. Van h……

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