Claiming Lord Thuran

Lisa Kumar Romance & Erotica

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In a world where elven people have revealed themselves and are now some of the greatest pillars of society, the all-too-human Abby finds herself fresh out of college. She needs money—and quickly. Her mom’s life depends on it. Too bad it means working for the handsome-as-all-get-out Lord Thuran, one of the elven elites. What’s this modern gal to do in the face all her hormones—and his? A surprise pregnancy, dragon housekeepers, and snooty elves will shake things up during their growing relationship.


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Chapter 5

I stared at him, sure I’d misheard or that this was some sick joke. “Me? Gala?” I echoed. Those two things didn’t belong in the same sentence, let alone at said event.

Those gray eyes seared into me as he leaned closer. “Naturally. Is that going to be an issue?”

His slow and careful tone told me he expected one ……

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