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Shocking Marriage | A Review Of ‘One-Sided Marriage’ Novel

One-Sided Marriage (also known as “Unilaterally Married”) is a Chinese novel a.k.a. manga that tells us a story about a man in the entertainment industry named Li Yuze. He used to be the most good-looking and smartest among all of his classmates.

The first chapter of the One-Sided Marriage novel tells us that Jiang Cheng, He Zhiqiu, Xu Lanlan, and other classmates are gathering for a class reunion. Li Yuze appears somewhat later, surrounded by his cheery fangirls, only for He Zhiqiu to see the wedding ring encircled on his finger. The rumor is correct: He is already married!

However, the public went mad enough as nobody figured out who Li Yuze’s wife is. Yet, it is a go-to sign for He Zhiqiu to profess his love and for this marriage to no longer be a One-Sided Marriage!

Can He Zhiqiu and Li Yuze reunite in the One-Sided Marriage novel? Or, will he find another more suitable wife?

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Part 1: The Shocking Core Story Of One-Sided Marriage Novel

One-Sided Marriage Novel

The core stories of One-Sided Marriage novel, which is a Chinese webnovel, revolve around a young entertainment industry employee named Li Yuze. As someone who works in the entertainment industry, of course, things like social media and fangirls are not foreign to Yuze.

Yuze used to be the most handsome, smartest, and most popular among all of his classmates. I can tell that, from the first chapter of One-Sided Marriage, other classmates tend to shiver when they hear Yuze’s name… Except for He Zhiqiu, a boy who catches his attention.

Li Yuze and He Zhiqiu used to have intimate relationships ten years before the first chapter of One-Sided Marriage begins. However, Li Yuze felt that his boyfriend had ghosted him. Now, Yuze came back shaking Zhiqiu’s hand with a wedding ring on his finger.

Such things in One-Sided Marriage novel make Zhiqiu rethink what Li Yuze had posted on his Weibo account. The word was, “I am married,” yet, nobody in and outside the entertainment industry has any idea of who his wife truly is. So, it’s a One-Sided Marriage, indeed.

Zhiqiu becomes saddened as soon as he found out the guy he still loves has already been taken. Luckily, Yuze’s other friend notices him and sends his photo at the park to Yuze. Will Yuze ever notice Zhiqiu? Or, will he choose another guy (or maybe even a girl)?

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Part 2: Sizzling Hot Chapters Of One-Sided Marriage Novel by Changpei Literature

One-Sided Marriage Chapter 1

One-Sided Marriage Chapter 1

The guys wear tuxedos, the girls wear dresses, and they drink wine and eat while talking about their school lives back then… Guess what is it? Yep, true-Chapter 1 of One-Sided Marriage primarily takes place in a ballroom where there is a school reunion between Jiang Cheng, He Zhiqiu, and others.

One of the things that interest me about One-Sided Marriage Chapter 1 lies in Li Yuze’s appearance in some later parts of this chapter. He is surrounded by fangirls, yet, he doesn’t seem to care… After all, there is one guy at the party whom he thinks about a lot!!

One-Sided Marriage Chapter 2

One-Sided Marriage Chapter 2

Based on the timeframe, I can guess that the first portions of One-Sided Marriage Chapter 2 happen before Li Yuze attends the reunion party. He requests for the driver to stop in the middle of the road… And, at this point, I thought there must be someone whom Li Yuze is after!

Finally, Li Yuze makes it to the party and reunites with his friends. After ignoring the shameless Jiang Cheng, he proceeds to shake hands with He Zhiqiu, his former lover, with a wedding ring attached to his finger… Is this a taste of a One-Sided Marriage?

One-Sided Marriage Chapter 16

One-Sided Marriage Chapter 16

Compared to earlier chapters of the One-Sided Marriage novel, I would say that we can see more romantic gestures between Yuze and Zhiqiu, his boyfriend, in One-Sided Marriage Chapter 16. Anyway, this chapter starts with Yuze taking photos of his boyfriend in different affectionate poses.

Sounds ordinary? Continue reading One-Sided Marriage Chapter 16, and you’ll see Zhiqiu begins to get worried about his beloved Yuze’s wounds. Later, the two guys are helping each other to prepare delicious homemade meals and hold hands as they learn to use chopsticks.

Part 3: Let’s Meet Changpei Literature, The Author Group Of One-Sided Marriage Novel

One-Sided Marriage by Changpei Literature

From the author’s name, it’s clear that Changpei Literature, the author of One-Sided Marriage novel, is comprised of many individuals who specialize in writing Chinese web novels. It’s likely that all of these individuals are Chinese and are passionate about writing romance stories to suit young adult audiences.

For instance, One-Sided Marriage is, at least, for young adult readers due to the massive BL elements in the novel. Li Yuze and He Zhiqiu as the MCs in this novel are also in their 25-30s, which makes this novel even more suitable for the age range markets that Changpei Literature has set up.

I’ve sought One-Sided Marriage by Changpei Literature almost all over the place; I would say that this LGBT novel is a rare webnovel. Even other Chinese web novels have more evident presences than this novel by Changpei Literature. It’s like, this webnovel is more popular under its alternative name: Unilaterally Married.

I have some recounts on the total chapters of One-Sided Marriage, and I saw on many online platforms that it only has less than 50 chapters with a “Completed” status… Still, I would see such things as a hidden gem, because this webnovel is far from delusional; it’s all about Yuze’s undying love for Zhiqiu!

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