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Complicated Cohabitation Read Online

In introducing the novel, complicated cohabitation manga is quite a mind-full. As earlier stated, the author created two sets of romance endings. And they did a good job at it, as we could vividly visualize the whole scenario… not surprised, after all, it’s a manga novel.

The storyline is quite relatable… I caught myself wishing I had been as strong as the female lead when her boyfriend dumped her like a piece of trash. If I had been as courageous, I would have also splashed him with a hot cup of black coffee.

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Now, what happened in complicated cohabitation? Let’s look into a snippet of the storyline below…

Part 1: Beautiful Romantic Storyline of Complicated Cohabitation Free Online

Miss Yugyeong was a thirty-one year old, human resources executive. While ladies over thirty and unmarried may seem as if they’ve got the world in public, in actualization, they’re unhappy. Being single at over thirty makes a lady question a lot of things in their life, like, am I the ugliest woman alive… both in character and in appearance?

That was the stage Miss Yugyeong had arrived at in her life presently, she was questioning everything, every principle she’d imbibed to protect herself over the years. She’d actually been in a relationship for three years, with one of her colleagues, when all of a sudden he started avoiding her.

complicated cohabitation, donngeon and sehui

She woke up one morning from a wet dream that left her devastated. She’d seen herself in a one-night stand with a very handsome young man. She arrived late to work that morning with the largest bags her close colleague ever saw beneath her eyes.

While she refused to share her feelings, she snuck into the restroom to call her boyfriend for the umpteenth time but still received his cold, two syllables response.

What she didn’t know was that Donngeon had been cheating on her with one of their other colleague, who worked in accounting. Truth is, they were all friends.

The girl who snatched Yugyeong’s boyfriend was one of her close friends – Sehui, and just as Donngeon had started avoiding Yugyeong, she was also avoiding her. And when Sehui discovered that Donngeon was still yet to break up with Yugyeong, she frantically called him and pressured him that he did so.

Wow, what a friend! But then, it is only a friend who can have access to this kind of betrayal… I mean, if she wasn’t going the same places Yugyeong and Donngeon went, ate the same things, drank the same shots… how else would this have happened?

As fate would have it, Yugyeong’s junior brother was leaving for the States and handed his sister over to his friend without her knowledge. As she retired from work, he’d cleaned up and cooked her a meal.

He was tall and handsome, four years younger than her, was a model, and secretly very rich. He’d gotten a contract that would ensure his successful moving into Yugyeong’s apartment. The chemistry between him and Yugyeong could be felt right up from the screen…

What happens after Donngeon impregnated Sehui and broke Yugyeong’s heart? Let’s investigate in the hot chapters below…

complicated cohabitation, yugyeong

Part 2: Romantic Hot Chapters of Complicated Cohabitation

complicated cohabitation chapter 5:

For whatever reason that day in the office, after Yugyeong had managed to get through to her boyfriend and listened to him apologize severally for not being available for so long… and fixing a date for later that evening at a nearby pub…

Yugyeong ran into Sehui in the corridor as she was returning from lunch at the café. She wholeheartedly poured her heart out to her about the challenges she was having with her boyfriend. They both agreed he must have been busy, as, while hyperventilating, Sehui ran into her office and called Donngeon… ordering him to immediately break up with Yugyeong, who had no idea.

complicated cohabitation 6:

Well, that evening, her new housemate called her as soon as her working hours ended, but she insisted she was working late. While she couldn’t understand what was making her lie to her new housemate, her new housemate was wondering how she was such a terrible liar.

She happily ran up to the place Donngeon had arranged for them to meet. She was running late, therefore, she had to run all the way from her office building. While she was happy to see him and requested to treat him to a meal, he didn’t look happy to see her.

He pulled her into a seat and blatantly broke the news about how he’d been cheating on her and had gotten the other lady pregnant. He broke up with her and she poured hot coffee on him.

complicated cohabitation, yugyeong's new housemate

Part 3: Introducing the Author and Evaluating Complicated Cohabitation

Among everything complicated cohabitation manga has taught us, the most important is to be wary of some people. Imagine such a friend as Sehui, who felt she was smarter than Yugyeong and sleep with her boyfriend until she got pregnant.

Yes, they were both past thirty and desperate for a man… but was it honorable to steal from her friend? Well, as unlucky as she was, she settled for the average salary earner, working in the same economic company as herself, while Yugyeong got herself a billionaire.

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