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Learning Love | A Review Of ‘My Husband’s Scandal’ Novel

Secretaries almost always become the people who rob their bosses’ hearts! The same things also happen to Ma Kijin, the son of Samma Corporation’s CEO, to Song Chaerin, his secretary, in My Husband’s Scandal novel. Even though he’s already married to Seo Seohyun, the lawmaker’s daughter, both parties acknowledge that they were in an arranged marriage setting.

Around ten days before the first chapter of My Husband’s Scandal, Seohyun discovered her husband’s betrayal through the viral gossip she gets from one of her best friends. So, Seohyun dashed back to her house in Korea and figured out that the rumors are correct. The next step? She thought of a divorce.

However, divorcing the Samma Corporation’s CEO’s son is not that easy, because Seohyun’s lawmaker father relies on the corporation to financially fund his campaign. Also, in My Husband’s Scandal, Kijin suddenly got involved in a car accident and was hospitalized, and nobody but Seohyun, his soon-to-be ex-wife, could be contacted!

How far will Kijin in My Husband’s Scandal realize his mistake and fall in love once again with his wife? Or, will Seohyun succeed in divorcing her unfaithful husband?


Part 1: Core Storyline Of My Husband’s Scandal Manga That You Should Know About

My Husband's Scandal Novel

Almost all portions of the stories in My Husband’s Scandal are focused on the two MCs with their royalty backgrounds. Ma Kijin, the male MC, is not only the heir of Samma Corporation, a billionaire company led by his father.

Instead, his sinfully-handsome face, well-built figure, cold and calm demeanor, and ability to strategize and manage his businesses like a dragon king, are things that drive his fangirls crazy, especially when he was still single. Things like, “My Husband’s Scandal” seem to be farfetched at this point!

However, that’s what Kijin does, even when he is married to Seo Seohyun, our female MC in My Husband’s Scandal, whose father is a lawmaker. Kijin has made so many rules in the household that only benefitted him back then, yet, he has been repeatedly seen with his secretary, Song Chaerin, in different hotels.

My Husband’s Scandal soon begins to spread wildly, even on the internet. So, that’s how Seohyun figured out about her unfaithful husband when she was on holiday. It is all thanks to her female best friend who gave her the online rumor to read.

My Husband's Scandal Webnovel Online

In some later chapters of My Husband’s Scandal, Seohyun dashed back to her house, only to discover that her best friend was not gossiping. Even though she had written the divorce letter’s template, it’s not that easy to divorce Kijin, whose father provides continual support for Seohyun’s father’s party.

So, in My Husband’s Scandal webnovel, Seohyun had to use another way: This time, she took advantage of the divorce letter plans when Kijin was hospitalized due to severe brain trauma. However, her plan failed as her father discovered and Kijin started to realize that she is the woman whom he should love with all of his heart.

Will Kijin’s words align with his actions after Seohyun’s father scolded him for things like “My Husband’s Scandal” that pop up within his daughter? Or, will Kijin cheat once again with that lousy secretary or other fangirls?


Part 2: Meet The Closer-to-Life Characters In My Husband’s Scandal by Tae Soyoung

Seo Seohyun

My Husband's Scandal Seohyun

Being born to a conservative party’s lawmaker family and getting married to an ultra-handsome billionaire heir in a developed society… Who doesn’t envy Seo Seohyun’s life? Well, people who don’t take time in understanding her dilemmas and stories in My Husband’s Scandal won’t know.

I would say that My Husband’s Scandal Seo Seohyun is like her husband: Calm and collected, and only gets furious when it’s absolutely necessary (for instance, when her husband was having an affair with the secretary). She is also a brave woman given her statements in defending herself and her choices.

Ma Kijin

My Husband's Scandal Kijin

Ma Kijin, the billionaire heir of the gigantic Samma Corporation in My Husband’s Scandal webnovel, married Seo Seohyun only to satisfy his parents’ desire. Song Chaerin, his secretary, should be the one he cared for. I’m guessing, maybe, that’s why he had an affair with Chaerin while he is in his marriage.

The car accidents Kijin experienced since the first chapter of My Husband’s Scandal novel change his life forever. It is all thanks to Seohyun’s father’s scolding to him that he begins to realize that Seohyun should be the woman he loves for the rest of his life.

Part 3: Let’s Meet The Author Of Korean’s Novel My Husband’s Scandal, Tae Soyoung

My Husband's Scandal by Tae Soyoung

My Husband’s Scandal is one of the most well-known Korean web novels that have been uploaded on several different platforms with their translations. Meanwhile, Tae Soyoung is the name of author behind this fantastically-written novel about relationships and betrayals.

Anyway, about Tae Soyoung and the bibliographies, I have tried looking for other books by the same author; yet, it seems that My Husband’s Scandal is the only novel by this author. Now, this Korean webnovel has been completed with more than 30 chapters.

On some platforms, however, the author of My Husband’s Scandal might not have finished uploading the chapters. At the same time, we can always get the core storylines from the first few chapters of the novel. Trust me, the background stories are relatable, even if only a few of us have the same family background as the two MCs.

Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and others, are some other translated versions of My Husband’s Scandal that we can find on several online platforms… Anyway, I would say that the translated versions are also neatly-written!


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