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I Became The Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter Manga

Now, as earlier stated, I became the male lead’s adopted daughter is in fact, a children’s manga story. Your child will love it… i became the male lead’s adopted daughter paints a vivid picture of the kind of punishment people who choose to abuse children should suffer. The manga also speaks of hope, a small light at the end of the tunnel for every abused child out there.

I Became the male lead’s adopted daughter manga is a story about a young girl who was suffering, and therefore became rebellious and was hated for it. It is also a story about a lonely, angry duke whose little girl is about to bring some color into his life.

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Part 1: Storyline of I Became The Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter Online Manga

Phileo Boleoti was the Duke of Boleoti – one of the only two provinces in the Empire’s Northern Point, that was ruled by a Duke. In fact, the author named it Dukedom. He was excessively wealthy, handsome, slim, and shapely. But the one thing that marred the beauty of Phileo Boleoti was the extent of his ruthlessness.

His reputation preceded him and his servants trembled before him… not to mention outsiders or his subjects. His eyes radiated the intentions and cruelty of his heart. His inner circle knew him for who he was and therefore, knew exactly how to handle him, to successfully stay out of his wrath.

i became the male lead's adopted daughter, phileo

Phileo Boleoti’s beauty, wealth, and position in life made him the most eligible bachelor in the entire Empire… but his cruelty and his intimidating aura wouldn’t let any woman come near him. At twenty-five, he was single but not searching… Lol.

He had two friends who were exactly like him… one, even more, handsome and elegant than he. But they were both married with kids and derived a lot of joy from flaunting the gravity of their happiness in front of him. They’d all gone to school together, only in a school for people in their class, of course. And the two were the only ones in the empire who could speak freely to him.

Well, Phileo was attending a party one day, his two friends and their families were also in attendance. And this time, it was no longer about flaunting their happiness, they were flaunting their adorable children.

That was it! Duke Phileo of Boleoti was going to get himself a child. He began to tour the available orphanages in the capital where the party had been held. All the children were afraid of him, they cried in his presence. But he searched until he found one, where a child stood up to him instead of being afraid.

Her given name was Mia, but she didn’t like it… the Duke adopted her and decided to give her a better name. He named her Leonia Boleoti and she liked it. She reported the orphanage handlers and requested severe punishment for them.

The Duke took her home… you can imagine the pleasure when she first said her name – Leonia Boleoti. But what happens after the suspicion that she was actually the Duke’s hidden child arose?

Let’s see what we find in the hot chapters below…

Part 2: Hot Chapters of I Became The Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter Read Online

i became the male lead's adopted daughter, carriage

I became the male lead’s adopted daughter chapter 2:

On Phileo Boleoti’s arrival at the orphanage where Mia used to live, you can imagine the shock when a girl ran out from behind the flowers to confront him. She’d been hiding because she was looking for a way to escape the place.

The orphanage handlers tried to excuse Mia swiftly, claiming she was a nuisance… but the Duke had requested to see the entire children in the orphanage… and he’d already seen Mia and liked her. They were in trouble.

I became the male lead’s adopted daughter chapter 4:

On their way home, the Duke pampered his foul-mouthed daughter. He was already in love with her… she had a character just like him – fierce and very outspoken. They rested at an inn and while the female knight bathed Mia, she saw all the bruises she’d gotten from being beaten.

When they arrive at Boleoti, Mia was amazed. It was beautiful and snowing. She was astonished when she saw that she was about to be the lady of a very tall castle.

Part 3: Personal Evaluation of I Became The Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter Free Online

As earlier stated, I became the male lead’s adopted daughter is quite a fairytale of hope for abandoned children. The manga is still ongoing and has about eighty-six chapters presently.

i became the male lead's adopted daughter, father and child

Mia had a great change in fate when not just anybody, but the Duke of a large country came and adopted her. Making her an overnight princess… going from ashes to wealth. That is quite a miracle and I personally hope that every abandoned child meets such a great favor. Your child will definitely like it.

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