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Best Action Game Manhwa: Only I Level Up

The public also knows Only I Level Up novel as Solo Leveling, which is the novel’s alternative name. This manhwa belongs to a game genre, and it is one of the world’s best-selling manhwa. Only I Level Up tells a story about Sung Jin-Woo, a frail-looking young man who decides to be a hunter to pay for his family’s medical fees.

Unfortunately, things aren’t always smooth for Jin-Woo. He is an E-ranked hunter, so, he frequently has near-death experiences in Only I Level Up. However, Jin-Woo continues to go from one mission to another despite his near-to-100% failure.

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Lee Ju-Hee is the first female character in Only I Level Up novel who gets upset with Jin-Woo’s constant near-death experiences. Yet, as the stories in Only I Level Up progress, Jin-Woo doesn’t end up with her. Instead, he becomes one of the world’s strongest S-rank hunters who get recruited by the strongest National Hunter team and develop new relationships.

Part 1: Meet The Characters In Only I Level Up

Sung Jin-Woo

Only I Level Up Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-Woo of Only I Levels Up starts as the weak E-class hunter who always has near-death experiences in every dungeon. Yet, his persistence and luck in unlocking the System grants him various weapons and makes his battle stats improve greatly. As a result, he leaps to the S-class just three months after his declaration of being an E-class hunter.

Lee Ju-Hee

Only I Level Up Ju-Hee

While Ju-Hee appears as a nagging woman, she cares deeply for Jin-Woo, and she even harbors some romantic feelings for Jin-Woo since he was an E-class hunter (What about you buy me some food?).

Unfortunately, Lee Ju-Hee of Only I Levels Up isn’t a brave woman. Even though she is a B-class hunter, she seems too comfortable in playing in low-ranked dungeons. She eventually resigns as a hunter.

Cha Hae-In

Only I Level Up

Cha Hae-In a.k.a Hunter Cha is the only S-ranked hunter in Only I Level Up. Her swordsmanship skill is the best among all female characters. She has feelings for Jin-Woo since he becomes one of the strongest S-class hunters in Only I Level Up.

At first, Jin-Woo doesn’t even notice her, however, as the story progresses, the two are married and have one son who also possesses great capacity as a hunter.

Part 2: Story Of Only I Level Up

Only I Level Up Manhwa Read Online

The story of Only I Levels Up starts by telling us about Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest E-class hunter who struggles in becoming a hunter to pay for his family’s medical fees. As an E-class hunter, Jin-Woo is only slightly stronger than average human beings; however, he doesn’t have any skills, weapons, stats, boosters, or others, to survive in hunter-only dungeons and battlefields.

As a result, Jin-Woo frequently has near-death experiences, which these things make Lee Ju-Hee, his first female friend in the Only I Level Up novel, worried about him. However, Jin-Woo refuses to give up due to his love for his parents and other family members. He patiently goes from one mission to another in the System.

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Some of the first few missions that Jin-Woo has to encounter in Only I Level Up are 100 times of push-ups and sit-ups. Jin-Woo should also equip himself with weapons that he gets later on. These entire things in Only I Level Up result in Jin-Woo’s improvement in his physique. Eventually, he gets his rank re-examined.

As we read through Only I Level Up manhwa, we know that Jin-Woo doesn’t only get to the rare S-rank. He also becomes one of the strongest S-class hunters in the series, and he also gets more friends.

Part 3: The Author Of Only I Level Up

Only I Level Up by Chu-Gong

Chu-Gong is the scriptwriter for the Only I Level Up manhwa. So far, Only I Level Up has three volumes, and Jin-Woo becomes the MC for all of the volumes.

Only I Level Up a.k.a Solo Leveling has been a viral manhwa that has been on virtually all platforms and has been translated into more than two languages, too. As a result, people also know Chu-Gong as the manhwas script writer. After all, the Solo Leveling series seems to be the only manhwa series that Chu-Gong has authored.

Chu-Gong is not alone in bringing Solo Leveling manhwa to a realization. He also has behind-the-scene teammates, and all of them, including their publishers, never forget to update Solo Leveling a.k.a Only I Level Up on their social media websites. Since the manhwa has been so popular, no wonder that people also create fan pages about it.

Part 4: Alternative To Only I Level Up

Similar to Only I Level Up

Persistence is one of the highlights in Only I Level Up a.k.a Solo Leveling manhwa. It is a trait that makes Jin-Woo gets significant progress in terms of his physique and battle abilities. When talking about an action and/or a game-based novel in the Dreame platform with similar backgrounds to this novel, we have Wolf Knight.

Like Only I Level Up, the story in Dreames Wolf Knight also talks about an orphaned son’s journey to free himself from his old name and become the shining knight in modern times Just like Jin-Woos progressed from an E-class hunter to an S-class hunter.

Summary of Wolf Knight:

Wolf Knight tells a story about a man named Caleb, who is held in prison since he was 14 years old. Worse, he’s an orphan, and he knows too well living in an orphanage for naughty kids and in a juvenile prison.

At the same time, he teaches Caleb self-defense skills. These entire things motivate Caleb to fix his old, broken reputation and embark on his journey in modern times of knighthood.

Like Jin-Woos Only I Level Up, Caleb ultimately goes from a prisoner to someone who is capable to live in a competitive and crowded society. He also makes new friends and gets a new lover as he gets through his journey to be a strong and independent modern knight.

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