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Paranormal Manhwa Review: Leveling With The Gods

Leveling With The Gods is a paranormal manhwa whose stories involve humans and gods from alternate dimensions. These two beings battle each other until there are final survivors. The prologue scenes in Leveling With The Gods manhwa are closed with Chronos, the god of time manipulator, sacrificing himself to turn back the Clock Movement.

Now, the beings in this manhwa are forced to return to their pasts, when they battle with gods till the end. This part is where Kim Yu-Won, the MC of Leveling With The Gods, is introduced to the audience. Kim Yu-Wons strengths and skills are far more than his human friends he can survive in the fights with gods until the end.

Yu-Won becomes stronger as we get nearer to the end of Leveling With The Gods manga. I also admire Yu-Wons perseverance that he shows throughout the mangas chapters its so adorable!!

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of Leveling With The Gods

Kim Yu-Won

Leveling With The Gods Yu-Won

Kim Yu-Won a.k.a The Strongest Player is the MC of Leveling With The Gods. He doesnt only become one of the final survivors in the battle against the gods; he also leads the fight. He is a calm and goal-oriented man, yet, he has tendencies to throw sarcastic comments at his opponents when he fights. His perseverance is also adorable~


Leveling With The Gods Hargaan

Being the pure-blood in Leveling With The Gods manga, it’s not a surprise that Hargaan knows a lot about the Tower where Yu-Won and his friends are battling the gods.

Anyway, Hargaan himself is the son of Zeus, and he is the first pure-blood species in the manga that Yu-Won encounters. Soon, he becomes one of Yu-Wons reliable allies as well as his most considerable rival.

Part 2: Story Of Leveling With The Gods

Leveling With The Gods Manhwa Read Online

The story of Leveling With The Gods is full of battle scenes between humans and gods in the Tower. The Tower itself doesnt stay as one of the most important dungeons in the manhwa. Instead, it becomes a place to determine the god’s hierarchy in battle situations. The higher the tower floors, the higher ranked and the more powerful the gods are.

With their immense spiritual capacities, battling the gods is nearly impossible for the human squads. Fortunately, the Strongest Player a.k.a.

Kim Yu-Won exists; he leads the fight with the gods, and he becomes the hope for mankind. Even though Chronos, the deity that manipulates time, has turned back the Clock by sacrificing himself, Yu-Won doesnt lose hope in re-gathering his forces.

In Leveling With The Gods, Yu-Won also persists in not believing in the conclusion that the Outer Gods will always beat the Inner squads. As a result, he grows stronger, and the System also awards him with many rewards as he fights the gods alongside his comrades.

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Part 3: Meet The Author Of Leveling With The Gods

Leveling With The Gods by Black Ajin

Black Ajin is the pen name of the author of Leveling With The Gods. Even though we don’t know straight from the author’s confession (because Black Ajin doesnt seem to have any social media websites to promote the books), I know that Black Ajin gets his inspiration from other Korean web novels while writing the chapters in Leveling With The Gods.

Omniscient Reader is one of the most popular Korean web novels that I believe the author draws inspiration from. Just look at Kim Yu-Won’s visuals (and his personality in the whole chapters, too): I guess he’s similar to some of the MCs in Omniscient Reader.

However, it doesnt become the only inspiration for Black Ajin, since I also see other Korean web novel elements in Leveling With The Gods.

Anyway, Leveling With The Gods is the official English translation of the web novel’s title. It has been on several platforms with different translation languages to choose from. Until now, Black Ajin has written more than 140 chapters for this novel, and the chapters are getting more interesting as Kim Yu-Won becomes more physically powerful.

Part 4: Alternative To Leveling With The Gods

Similar to Leveling With The Gods

Tower is a central element to the chapters in Leveling With The Gods manhwa. It becomes a place for mankind to survive while fighting their impossible battles against gods. Anyway, Dreames Tower To Immortal: Inception (Book One) has similar story themes and the tower element to this manhwa by Black Ajin.

The mysterious tower in Dreames Tower To Immortal: Inception (Book One) also becomes the place where the MC prepares to fight against monsters and other dangerous creatures. Speaking about monsters and creatures will these things make the tower battles more believable than battling gods?

Summary of Tower To Immortal: Inception (Book One):

The stories in Tower To Immortal: Inception (Book One) begin by telling us that the MC (name unknown, possibly a male MC) wakes up from his unfortunate death. Then, the MC encounters an unfamiliar figure dressed in all-black attire, and this apparent death angel introduces him to a mysterious tower where his so-called adventure shall begin.

As soon as the MC goes into the mysterious tower, the MC feels surprised that the entire inhabitants are monsters and dangerous creatures. Even chirping birds are starting fights against him, a human being, and the bird’s attacks are as lethal as mythical creatures. So, the MC has no other choice but to level up his ways, upgrade his weaponry bases, and fight those creatures.

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