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Best Manhwa Review: Omniscient Reader

Are you thinking of the book in a bookstore? Omniscient Reader is one of the answers to your thoughts. This manhwa tells us a story about Kim Dokja, a 28-year-old employee from a gaming company in Seoul who loves to read webtoons and novels in his past time. One of the novels that Dokja loves to read is Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse a.k.a TWSA.

Even though TWSA in Omniscient Reader novel has more than 3,000 chapters and many readers have stopped reading the novel, Dokja remains loyal to TWSA and tls123, the author. He is even willing to pay for the soon-to-be monetized version of TWSA. So, tls123 decides to reward him with something special.

Soon, in Omniscient Reader, Dokja finds out the subway is shaking at the exactly same hour and minute as the monetization message. There, a disembodied voice declares to Dokja that the primary scenario of the TWSA novel has started. Starting from this part, Dokja meets Yoo Jonghyuk, TWSAs MCs, Dokkaebis, and other TWSA characters.

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of Omniscient Reader

Kim Dokja

Omniscient Reader Dokja

Kim Dokja, the MC of Omniscient Reader, is a Seoul gaming company employee who is also a loyal reader of TWSA. Tls123, the author of TWSA, rewards his undying loyalty with a special gift at 7:00 p.m., which permits him to meet Yoo Jonghyuk, the MC of TWSA and also his favorite character.

Yoo Jonghyuk

Omniscient Reader Jonghyuk

Yoo Jonghyuk is the MC of the TWSA novel that Dokja reads. Dokja almost always uses the mantra I am Yoo Jonghyuk whenever he suffers from low self-confidence. In Omniscient Reader, Dokja finally encounters his idol and Jonghyuk also becomes closer to Dokja as the two embark on the novel’s adventure.

Part 2: Story Of Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader Manhwa

Kim Dokja, the 28-year-old employee from a gaming company near Seocho District in Seoul, becomes the first character to be introduced in Omniscient Reader.

As the web novels title suggests, Dokja loves to read manhwa, webtoons, and other types of novels when he is not working. Dokja is also the most loyal reader of a web novel named Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (abbreviated: TWSA).

Other readers have stopped reading TWSA because it is so long with 3,194 chapters. However, Dokja is different, because he continues to read TWSA even when he is on the subway for his work duties. So, tls123 as the author of TWSA rewards him with something special. At first, all tls123 does is ask Dokja about his email address for the special gift announcement.


Later on, in Omniscient Reader, the subway where Dokja boards while reading TWSA shakes. Soon, a disembodied voice that seems to belong to the Dokkaebis in TWSA welcomes Dokja into the TWSA world. There, he meets Yoo Jonghyuk, TWSAs MC, and other characters in TWSA, and their friendship begins.

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Part 3: The Author Of Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader by Sing-Shong

We get the name of Sing-Shong as the author of Omniscient Reader when we view the manhwas cover. According to the author’s official website, Sing-Shong (alternative names: Sing-Syong or Sing N Song) is a pseudonym for married couples who write Omniscient Reader.

Other than this manhwa, the couple has written one another fantasy-themed novel. However, Sing-Shong is more famous for the Omniscient Reader novel. At some points, the word Viewpoint is added after the word Reader.

People have read this manhwa on various platforms with different languages, which is a contrasting thing when compared with another one of Sing-Shongs novels.

I would say that Sing-Shong is a powerful couple when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind writing piece. This web novel is proof that the book universe can have superpowers and that the characters in the book can come into reality. In other words, reading this web novel also means witnessing journalism becomes a superpower in front of the reader’s eyes.

I enjoy reading Omniscient Reader. Plagiarism becomes the villain’s superpower, the demons and other beings become real, the encounters with the MC’s thoughts become so close, and others There are lots of unusual and entertaining elements in this novel that I don’t want to miss.

Part 4: Alternative to Omniscient Reader

Similar to Omniscient Reader

The stories in the chapters of Omniscient Reader are about the MC who encounters the life in the book that he reads. It is another sentence for saying that this manhwa is a book in a book. We also have a similar novel in Dreame, and one of them is Reincarnated In Light Novel Like World.

It is through reading the title of the novel that we also know this Dreame book is also all about a book in a book. Clayris, the MC of Reincarnated In A Light Novel Like World, is like Dokjas Omniscient Reader who loves reading novels, watching anime series, and K-dramas. Soon, she also enters the world of the light novel that she reads.

Summary of Reincarnated In A Light Novel-Like World:

Alternative to Omniscient Reader

The stories in Reincarnated In A Light Novel Like World are focused around Clayris, a woman who loves reading novels, watching anime series, and K-dramas as her pastime. One day, she reads a Chinese light novel, in which she experiences an odd thing as soon as she enters the universe in the light novel.

There, Clayris finds that everybody else doesnt speak her language. People in the light novels universe also wear ancient Chinese clothes. The professions, such as physicians and such, are also identical to the ancient Chinese universe. Strangely, Clayris befriends the characters in the novel’s universe, and one of them is Bai in the castle.

I would say that Reincarnated In A Light Novel Like World is a gender-bent version of Omniscient Reader.

After all, Dokja doesnt only befriend his idol in TWSA, but he also gets to know other beings, such as the Dokkaebis, Oldest Dream, the Demons, and so on, that never exist in modern times and in a real-world Just like Clayris in Dreames Reincarnated In A Light Novel Like World.

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