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[Manga] All About Moscow’s Dawn

Lee Si-Yoon was a worthy pianist, and he sought to take his love for playing the piano to the greatest height. Apparently, he started to imagine himself playing in big Oscar events.

I can imagine. Everybody has dreams, and seeing their dreams come to pass is one thing that every individual on earth will strive to achieve or die trying. In Moscow’s Dawn Manga, Lee Si-Yoon was not any different from the regular everyday dreamer.

As if dreaming was not enough, he also was faced with the mundane of having certain controllable and uncontrollable factors block his way, such as unsupportive parents. Very relatable.

Eventually, he was sent off to pursue his dream career, but that was not without the darkness that looms alongside daring to chase that dream. How dare you chase your dream? Lee’s parents abandoned him to his mentor, a professor. Lee’s professor also had a knack for playing the piano so he happily took Lee in.

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Part1: Hot Chapters Of Moscow’s Dawn

Chapter 1

Moscow's Dawn Chapter 1

”Is this the hospital?”

”What is this?”

Lee Si-Yoon said these words when he woke up in the hospital after his accident. His hands were pegged with some sort of medical facility that he did not understand. ”What is this?” Indeed! Here, he was rendered incapacitated as far as using his fingers was concerned, and you know what that meant for Lee.

Chapter 4

Moscow's Dawn Chapter 4

Do I really need to live in Russia where I do not understand a thing?

Lee Si-Yoon had transmigrated into the body of a girl in Russia called, Tatiana Yurievna Verzenova. Prior to that moment, he was a pianist, and he had lost his ability to ever play the keyboard again. Lee had an accident and fractured his hand up to his fingers.

According to Moscow’s Dawn, he could not bear it. Someone, I think it was the doctor, suggested that he became a composer instead. Ha! Ridiculous. Some people don’t have to say things you know. The doctor should have just shut up, and that’s in my humble opinion. Well, because of what the doctor told him, Lee killed himself.

Part 2: Storyline Of Moscow’s Dawn

Moscow's Dawn Read Online

Lee Si-Yoon was a pianist, and he was one that sought to take his dream career of his to the next level by any means. It cost him losing his parents. Lee Si-Yoon’s parents abandoned him according to Moscow’s Dawn Manga.

He had countless events where he invited them to come and watch him perform on stage but they never showed up. As far as they were concerned, the young man was wasting his life.

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The love of playing the piano, however, was enough to keep Lee going. He felt bad about his parents, but he had a friend, his piano, and his mentor to keep him going.

The drastic turn of events happened on a particular occasion when Lee was going to have a life-changing performance. He sent tickets to his parents again, just as he had always done, but he did not hear back from them. His mentor, the professor asked him to go ahead and call his parents that he had briefed them on Lee’s performance.

If only the professor knew not to bother about the so-called unsupportive parents of Lee. Lee got excited that finally, his parents will grace him with their presence, but to his dismay, they still did not respond. However, Lee was excited about his gig and was going to get ready.

He ventured into the road to cross over to the other side, and that was when it happened. He was knocked down by a vehicle. This was the beginning of the end of Lee Si-Yoon, and the start of a new life for Tatiana Yurievna Verzenova.

How did Lee Si-Yoon transmigrate into Tatiana, a Russian girl? So, he was saved after he had an accident, and Lee woke up. But, to him, waking up to the new life he would live was as good as dying off. He had fractured his hand and had completely lost his ability to play the piano. I bet his parents would be happy now. Maybe it was even them that sent that truck to hit Lee.

Who knows? Joke! Coupled with an insensitive doctor who made it clear to Lee that his dreams had vanished and are unattainable, Lee killed himself because he could not bear the burden of being without his first love, playing the piano. But then, he woke up as Tatiana, and guess what? She was a guru pianist.

Part 3: Evaluate Moscow’s Dawn

Moscows Dawn Manga

I really recommend this book to all and sundry. Everybody should read Moscow’s Dawn Manga. What sort of interesting book is this? The plot is exciting, the grammar is beautifully written, and the animation is fantastic. Everything about the book is hands down immaculate and excellent. Fantastic book, a fantastic author.

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