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All About Werewolf’s Heartsong By DizzyIzzyN Read Novel Online

Werewolf’s Heartsong by DizzyIzzyN is one of a one-of-a-kind supernatural romance. Alora is mistreated by her family for her uncanny appearance. But she’s part of the Heartsong Clan.

Alora decides to start over when she gets rejected by her mate who happens to be her jealous sister’s boyfriend.

Werewolf’s Heartsong shows Alora’s transformation to an alpha warrior with great strength and powers

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Part 1: Werewolf’s Heartsong Story Overview

Werewolf's Heartsong Alora Is Abused

Werewolf’s Heartsong begins with Alora who was a pup when she was found by Alpha Andrew and his teen son Damien. She didn’t hold similar facial features like pale skin and blond hair like her family which made them hate her.

When the pack was complementing Alora for her appearance which her family hated her sister Sarah had tricked her and tried to drown her down wanting to kill her. Her parents didn’t try to stop Sarah.

Ever since then Sarah and her parents didn’t try to hide their hatred towards Alora. Wanting to know more about her ancestry Alora gets her DNA tested and finds herself to be from the Heartsong Clan. It is said to be believed that the moon goddess has blessed them with a powerful voice and strength.

Alora also goes on to explain how the fated mate of a Heartsong Clan wolf would form a powerful song when they came together with a deeper binding of their soul. But no one knew about Alora’s ancestry including her parents.

Deep down Alora feared what her sister or her parents would do once they learned about Alora’s history. But not everyone hated her. Andrew and Damien treated Alora with high regard. Alpha Andrew saw Alora has a daughter he never had and Damien was always protective of her.

Werewolf's Heartsong Damien Protects Alora

However, Alora constantly tried to be put down by her parents as they didn’t want Alora to overshine Sarah who had made it a mission to make Alora’s life miserable as she vowed to exile Alora once she got mated to her boyfriend Matt.

Due to her striking resemblance to Luna Heartsong everyone around Alora treated her differently. Having had enough Alora had planned it all that she was going to move out of her abusive parents’ home after graduating.

Alora was going to be the research doctor in the pack’s lab given her intelligence and interest in science. She hoped Damien who was going through alpha training would return to be kind towards her like he was when they had met.

Finally, Alora is of age when she’s about to find her mate. She’s supported by her best friend Darien as they are excited about meeting their fated mates blessed by the moon goddess.

But yet again Alora’s life takes a sad turning point as she realizes she’s mated to Sarah’s boyfriend Matt.

Werewolf’s Heartsong shows us how Alora gets rejected by Matt and goes on to change her name, and her identity as she starts to realize her true potential and strength.

Werewolf's Heartsong Storyline

When Alora returns, her bully sister Sarah and her parents are shocked to see the Heartsong Clan wolf Alora who has transformed herself into a Fierce alpha warrior.

After all the struggles will Alora find her mate? Will the return of Damien, the alpha of alphas change Alora’s fate?

Alora’s journey in Werewolf’s Heartsong is all about fighting the odds and returning stronger in front of all the people who betrayed you. Revenge is sweeter when you are better than your bullies.

Damien who is on a journey of becoming the supreme alpha will only have strength when he has Alora Heartsong by his side. After all their connection is deeper than a matebond.

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Part 2: Werewolf’s Heartsong Story Setting And Interesting Facts

Werewolf's Heartsong Alora And Damien

Werewolf’s Heartsong is a supernatural romance that revolves around Alora’s journey to finding her true strength after getting betrayed by her family and her mate.

Werewolf’s Heartsong is set in the contrast of the werewolf world but also hits close to reality with a toxic family who shows clear favoritism towards Alora’s elder sister Sarah whereas Alora gets treated the opposite.

Even though werewolves believe in the concept of mate which is considered sacred we see Alora getting betrayed by her mate who cheats on her with her elder sister.

Werewolf’s Heartsong novel is all about Alora’s transformation from being a nobody to winning the alpha’s heart after all the misery. She finds her true strength and discovers her potential as a werewolf.

Werewolf’s Heartsong is one of the Popular novels that has captured the attention of millions of readers as the story has quickly gained over 16 million views marking the success of the novel among the reader’s community.

The main reason for the novel’s popularity goes to the detailed structured storyline giving us intricate details of Alora’s life. The novel not only takes us on a journey of Alora’s miserable life but also shows us how Alora turns her life around by fighting the odds.

Part 3: Sneak Peak To The Hot Characters From Werewolf’s Heartsong

Werewolf's Heartsong Heroine Alora

Werewolf’s Heartsong is set around Alora North Mountain. When she was a pup she was found by alpha Andrew and his son Damien. Despite having profound regards from the alpha’s family Alora is made to suffer by her parents.

We see how Alora is treated differently from her sister Sarah who gets favoured by her parents. However, Alora stands out from her family given her striking difference in personality and looks making us all question if she’s a NorthMountain pup.

Alora is determined as she tries to plan her escape from her family’s cruel hands and try to seek a life elsewhere. But when she gets cheated on by her mate, Alora finally takes the courage to start over.

Alora’s journey in finding her true self reflects on her painful past with an uncertain future as she goes on to discover new strengths and powers that make her stand out from her peers.

Her character rises to strength as we learn that Alora is from the Heartsong Clan.

Werewolf's Heartsong Hero Damien

Werewolf’s Heartsong follows another main protagonist Damien Moonstar. Alpha Andrew is Damien’s father. They find injured Alora and rescue her.

Damien from the very beginning has a protective liking towards Alora. His wolf holds strong regard for her. His younger brother Darien is Alora’s brother so Damien’s relationship with Alora strengthens.

Damien’s character is powerful as he’s set to become the Alpha of all alphas. His relationship with Alora wins everyone’s heart given his kind and caring abilities towards Alora.

Part 4: Book Similar To Werewolf’s Heartsong

Werewolf's Heartsong Similar Story On Dreame

Werewolf’s Heartsong showed us how Alora overcame her painful past after rejection and went on to become a kick-ass heroine. She turned out to be a warrior who was born to rule. If you want to read a similar story, you need to check out You Rejected Me. Remember? By Z Ali

You Rejected Me. Remember? By Z Ali follows the journey of Cassandra who gets rejected by her fated mate Miles Walter. She considers herself to be a burden as she has not found her wolf and is not strong like other wolves.

Heartbroken Cassandra decides to end her life but is saved by the lycan King Richard who identifies Cassandra as her lost daughter Carina. Richard explains how they had been waiting for her and informs her that lycans find their mate later than other ordinary wolves.

Cassandra soon realizes she’s a lycan by birth and is the future Luna. With the newfound responsibility, Casandra has to find her true ability as the lycan warrior so she starts to train under Sir Elliot, the greatest warrior.

Soon Cassandra finds herself starting over and finding herself falling for Elliot. But while realizes the girl he rejected is not an ordinary human but a lycan princess he’s going to try to win her back.

Will Cassandra forgive the painful rejection?

You Rejected Me. Remember? Is one of the most successful kick-ass heroine fiction on the Dreame app. Cassandra’s journey to rise as a lycan princess is similar to Alora’s transformation to an alpha warrior.

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