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Weak No More: Selling Myself To The Alpha

Selling Myself To The Alpha novel revolves around Liana, a beautiful human girl, mated to an egocentric werewolf. If she initially believed that life was finally taking the right path to happiness, everything shifted when she found her soon-to-be husband in bed with another woman.

Wyatt punched her in the gut both literally and emotionally. Liana may be human, but she is strong enough to reject her mate now.

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Part 1: The Unlikely Story Of Liana And Axel In Selling Myself To The Alpha

The night before her wedding, Liana was pacing around Nina’s room, impatient to become Wyatt’s wife. She fought the urge to run to their place to see him, as she knew it would be bad luck to see her fiancee before the big day.

Nina showed concern for her friend, as Liana was human, while Wyatt was a werewolf. Little did the girl know about werewolves and their life, thus she was likely to get hurt. Liana didn’t pay much attention to her friend’s advice, as she loved Wyatt with her whole heart.

Selling Myself To the Alpha Liana

Having struggled all her life with poverty, Liana had to work hard to achieve something in life and she believed that her fiancee would be willing to help her parents who struggled financially once they were married. After all, Wyatt was the next Gamma of the pack.

Realizing she forgot her veil at the house that her soon-to-be husband built for them, Liana rushed to retrieve it. Instead of surprising her significant other with her evening visit, she was the one being taken by surprise when she caught him in bed with Gwen, while professing his love for the woman.

Taken aback, Liana simply watched the couple finish their love-making session. She flees from the place and enters a bar, where she gets drunk. After all, she saved herself for the wedding night while the man shamelessly cheated on her all this time.

Clearly dizzy from alcohol, the girl makes a rash decision. She asks the Alpha of the pack to sleep with her. Alpha Axel turns her down at first, but when the girl mocks him for not being able to bed a woman, he takes her to the nearest motel and they make love all night.

Next morning, Axel is angry upon seeing that the girl had been a virgin. Many pure girls offered themselves to him, hoping to be chosen as his mate. For him, Liana was no different than other women, even though he actually felt a mate bond with her.

The Alpha offers her money for having taken away her innocence and Liana felt insulted for being treated as a whore. She leaves the motel room, pleading to the Alpha to act as if they have never met.

Wyatt doesn’t want to let go of his mate, as his union with her would secure his future as the pack’s Gamma. He gets brutal with Liana, but Axel jumps in and rescues her. The alpha felt the need to protect the girl and learn more about her before confessing his mate bond with her.

What will Liana do? Will she give Alpha Axel a chance or did Wyatt mess her up so badly that she doesn’t want anything to do with werewolves anymore? Selling Myself To The Alpha novel is intriguing and entertaining, as you get the fantasy world and the real world emerge in a wonderful story.

Part 2: Highlight Chapters In Selling Myself To The Alpha

Selling Myself To the Alpha Axel

Selling Myself To The Alpha Chapter 3

Morning After

Liana wakes up feeling pain all over her body. As the realization that she lost her virginity the previous night washes over her, she hopes that at least Alpha Axel had the decency to leave early in the morning. She can’t face him, not knowing that alcohol had made its number on her and made her act so recklessly.

Sure enough, Alpha Axel is still in bed, apparently sleeping. As Liana tries to flee, the man opens his eyes and urges her to order coffee. Aware of her nakedness, the woman covers her body with the blanket making the alpha wonder why she was so prude, especially since the previous night had been so intense between them.

Eying the blood spots from the bed sheet, Axel realizes that Liana was pure and his expression darkens instantly, demanding for the girl’s fee for her services. She is taken aback by his nasty assumption about her being a prostitute and rebukes him, walking away.

Getting to Nina’s place, she tells her that the wedding is off and admits to having slept with a man, concealing his identity. As Nina comforts her friend, a hard knock on the door is heard and Wyatt seems to be enraged.

Selling Myself To The Alpha Chapter 6

You Owe Me

Nina has had enough of Chloe’s wallowing, so she drags her along to do some shopping. While they are checking their list, the girls spot Wyatt and Gwen sitting at a table, eating.

Before Chloe has a chance to turn around and run away, Wyatt is standing in front of her, still enraged by his former mate. He blames her for losing the opportunity to get promoted and angrily slaps her.

Nina tries to defend her friend, only to get punched in the face, blood splashing from her broken nose. Chloe gets her share of punch in the gut as Alpha Axel arrives scolding everyone. He takes the girls to the hospital, as he sought an opportunity to speak to Chloe alone.

He needed to know why she rejected Wyatt and why she offered him her body in the first place the previous week. The girl is intriguing, he wants to find out her true intentions before reveling that he is her mate.

Part 3: Selling Myself To The Alpha Book Review

Selling Myself To the Alpha Gwen

Being a frail human in a world of werewolves seems highly unlikely, but for Chloe is not something out of the ordinary. She has seen mixed couples work their relationship and she believes that her bond with Wyatt is just as strong as any other relationship.

Selling Myself To The Alpha novel shows that physical strength and abilities don’t matter when it comes to love. Chloe is strong in her own way. She has a way with words and she is determined to seek her happiness, regardless if it’s in a human’s arms or with a werewolf.

Although Alpha Axel always shows up in time to protect his mate, Chloe doesn’t back down from fighting her own battles. She is adamant in proving herself to be an independent woman and her ultimate goal in life is to help her poor parents have a better life.

Axel sees right through her, he knows that behind her bravery mask lurks a frail girl waiting for her knight in shining armor, and he is willing to be that savior, as long as she accepts him.

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