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The Rise Of A Strong She-Wolf: Fated For Lycan’s Luna

Being the Alpha’s daughter should have made Chloe one of the most beloved and protected members of the Red Moon pack, but her being wolfless made her weak and the target of ridicule and bullying.

Fated For Lycan’s Luna follows the journey of a powerful she-wolf. Chloe is no ordinary werewolf as her blood possesses healing powers. Unfortunately, her father seems oblivious to his daughter’s true value within the pack.

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Part 1: Fated For Lycan’s Luna Storyline

It’s Chloe’s birthday and, once again, everyone is oblivious. Not even her father, Alpha Dean acknowledges the girl’s anniversary, as his sole focus is on Vanessa. He chose this particular day to celebrate the announcement that Vanessa is the next Alpha of the Red Moon pack.

Fated For Lycan’s Luna Chloe seems to have a sole purpose in her pack and family, to keep her sister alive, by serving as her personal blood bank. Although she keeps the future Alpha safe, this doesn’t stop Vanessa from bullying Chloe.

The girl is weak as her wolf failed to resurface. It was there, but it was frail, prompting Alpha Dean to disregard his daughter for being the pack’s weakling.

Fated For Lycan's Luna Romance

Amidst everyone’s bullying and constant mockery, Chloe finds solace in Alan, her mate. She clings to the hope that, maybe one day, the pack’s strongest sentinel will take her away and make her life easier.

Chloe’s hopes are shattered though, as Alpha Dean orders her to swap mates with Vanessa, as the next in line Alpha was paired with a rogue. Although the girl begs her father to not take her love away, Vanessa finally reveals that she and Alan are secretly lovers, inviting her sister to watch them passionately make love to one another.

Witnessing her mate’s betrayal and listening to his fervent love declaration towards Vanessa prompts Chloe to give in and reject Alan, allowing the rogue to mark her in order to severe the bond with her former mate completely.

Unknown to everyone, the rogue is actually the famous Lycan King Blake, who knows that Chloe is his true mate. He secretly came to Red Moon pack to gather information about a specific poison recipe and cure.

Alpha Dean catches Blake steal poison and banishes him from the pack, forbidding Chloe to follow him. Vanessa still needs her blood, thus the girl can never leave the pack.

Although having clear evidence of Blake being a thief, Chloe still has faith in him. Tired of being used by her own family, she flees and reaches the Silver Pack, the Lycan King’s home. He discovers that Chloe’s wolf has been poisoned, thus she is too weak to resurface, as she needs to heal.

Unfortunately, the antidote for the poison resides within the Red Pack, which means they would have to return there, under different identities to gather the needed information. Chloe realizes her potential for mixing ingredients and finding cures for different poisons, managing to save Blake from impending death when being poisoned himself.

When Lyra arrives in the silver pack, Chloe learns that the warrior she-wolf was Blake’s girlfriend. He doesn’t deny the importance the woman within the pack and his life, thus the Luna decides to take a step back and let Lyra get back together with the Lycan King.

She returns to Red Moon pack, alone and pregnant. Unfortunately she loses her child after being attacked. Upon recovery, she finds that her wolf, Aurora, finally resurfaced, revealing that the unborn baby took all the poison with him when he passed away, allowing the wolf to heal.

Blake doesn’t want to give up on Chloe and is terribly mad at Lyra for implying that his mate is not a good Luna for the pack. He is determined to find her and bring her home.

Fated for Lycan’s Luna Chloe and Blake have a tedious road ahead. Will their love overcome enemies lurking around hoping to bring them down?

Part 2: Let’s Get Acquainted With The Main Characters From Fated For Lycan’s Luna

Fated For Lycan's Luna Blake

Fated For Lycan’s Luna Chloe and Blake make a powerful couple and, as you get deeper into the story, you will learn just how strong they truly are.

Chloe seems to be this fragile young woman in the beginning of the novel. Without her wolf by her side and ignored by her father, step-mother and sister, Chloe doesn’t truly grasp the power she holds within her.

Alpha Dean keeps his unloved daughter around only for the healing power her blood holds, curing his favorite daughter Vanessa of her heart problems. He doesn’t even see, or he pretends to not see that his preferred offspring takes advantage of Chloe, feigning illness and demanding blood even when it isn’t necessary.

Without her wolf, it’s difficult for Chloe to heal after a blood transfusion, but this won’t stop her father from keeping on collecting her blood for Vanessa. The girl even attempts to have her dad draw the blood from her vein in order to see if there is any sympathy for her, and is disappointed when he shows no remorse in hurting her.

As Alpha Dean takes away her sole consolation, urging her to give up her mate Alan, she agrees to let Blake mark her. Surprisingly, he turns out to be her second chance mate and she embraces her future. It doesn’t matter to her whether the man is an omega rogue, she is happy to have him.

Alpha Blake comes to Alpha Dean’s pack pretending to be a rogue fated to mate Vanessa. He is happy to reject her, as he already knows that his true Luna is none other than the beautiful, yet mistreated Alpha daughter, Chloe.

He is a Lycan King and his sole purpose for coming to this pack is to gather information regarding the poison they create here and also find the cure. Finding his mate is only a perk, as he has a girlfriend at home.

Blake’s girlfriend, Lyra, is a strong she-wolf. She is important to him and his pack, yet Chloe makes him forget about his feelings for her as soon as he feels the mate bond.

He messes up multiple times towards his mate. He fails to tell her that he is a Lycan King, he doesn’t tell her the truth about Lyra and he also fails to protect Chloe when she is pregnant, resulting in her miscarriage.

Driven by guilt, Lycan King Blake needs to make amends with his mate, proving that he would always be there for her in the future.

Part 3: A Little Glimpse Into Fated For Lycan’s Luna Story

To get a better picture about Fated For Lycan’s Luna novel, here is a little sneak peek.

Fated For Lycan's Luna Chloe

Fated For Lycan’s Luna Chapter 3

Chloe’s heart shattered at the images displaying in front of her. She could hardly breathe and her words got stuck in her throat. She simply froze while watching her mate Alan and her sister in bed.

Vanessa was aware of Chloe’s presence, thus she made sure her sister heard her loud moaning and urging Alan to confess his love for her and state his preference towards her instead of Chloe.

Alan didn’t hesitate to praise the woman in his arms, while calling his fated mate a weak prude. He never wanted the girl as his mate, his wish has always been to be mated to Vanessa. As the woman smirks, she tells her lover he can reject Chloe and be with her, then pretended to just notice her sister in the doorway.

As Chloe demanded an explanation, Vanessa and Alan were bold and inconsiderate, stating that they will be together.

Deep down, the frail girl didn’t want her mate to reject her, she didn’t want to feel abandoned once again. Sure enough, Alan rejects her, causing Chloe to be overwhelmed by pain. She decided to end her life, but Vanessa stopped her in time. After all, she was still her personal blood bank and couldn’t simply choose to end her own life.

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