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Must Read Werewolf Novel Review | The Warrior’s Second Chance Mate

As earlier stated, the warrior’s second chance mate is unique… in the sense that it has a different perspective in the extremely popular werewolf paranormal genre. A whole new approach, an entirely different view.

Alas, we have read the story of the man rejecting the girl, or werewolves finding their mates at eighteen, or the poor rejected female omegas, etc… but never have we heard of a fourth in commanded, male werewolf being rejected by their mates because their rank was too low. What happened? Let’s investigate the storyline below…

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Part 1: Eye Catcher Storyline of The Warrior’s Second Chance Mate

In the world of the warrior’s second chance mate, there’s a different rule. The hierarchy of leadership has four steps… The highest was the Alpha, then, the Beta, the Gamma, and finally, the head warrior.

All these positions were inherited from birth… therefore, it was neither by appointment, nor was it by his choosing that Cassian became the future head warrior of the Crimson Shadow Pack.

He loved his life, loved being a werewolf, and most importantly, loved being the fourth in the chain of command in the Pack.

the warrior's second chance mate, cassian

The handover ceremony was approaching fast, the four pups who were about to take over from their parents as the alpha, beta, gamma, and head warrior were getting ready.

Cassian had been raised and trained by his father who was presently occupying the position, as did his father before him. He was strong, powerful, and ready to train and lead the warriors of the Crimson Shadow Pack.

In the Warrior’s second chance mate novel, werewolves met their wolves at eighteen and then begin intensive training, which would strengthen the bond between the man and their wolves… making them stronger and enhancing their abilities.

It was only after this training, three years later, when they are twenty that they can begin to breed. And therefore, expected to find their mates.

While all his friends were busy enjoying themselves, flirting among the she-wolves and enjoying a premarital lifestyle in the form of sexual escapades… Cassian refused to mingle and instead chose to preserve himself for only his mate.

Well, on the night party of the coming of age of the future alpha of Crimson Shadow Pack… Cassian who was now twenty-two and without a mate found his mate among the power-hungry she-wolves who were attending the party with the hopes that the future alpha would mate with them.

He thought she was different, or at least the mate bond could change her personality. But after a steamy hot sex with her, in the woods that night, Veronica would reject his ass because she deserved to be Luna… and Cassian’s position was too low for her.

Well, Cassian accepted the rejection with a broken heart. Finding out that the very loose, future alpha slept with her was even more disheartening. He suffered for two years under the weight… but what happens after he started seeing a pretty redhead in his dreams?

Let’s see what we find in the hot chapters below…

the warrior's second chance mate, birthday party

Part 2: Hot Chapters from The Warrior’s Second Chance Mate

warrior second chance mate chapter 3: the painful rejection

Cassian had always known that the future alpha’s birthday parties were one of the biggest ceremonies in Crimson Shadow Pack. Werewolves, especially unmated she-wolves from all the surrounding pack lands never fail to attend.

But this year’s ceremony was even bigger, cos now the future alpha had come of age and is expected to find his mate soon. Cassian was disgusted as he watched the power-hungry wolves squashing themselves around him. They all wanted to be Luna, all wanted the money and power he had.

But a miracle happened and Cassian found his mate. He went over and they entered the nearby forest. She literally seduced him and after the hot sex, rejected him.

the warrior’s second chance mate chapter 6: brighter days

It had taken Cassian years to try and recover from the chains of rejection. Since werewolves have an increased sense of everything… Cassian suffered immensely in the days, weeks, months, and years that followed the actions of Veronica.

It didn’t help that Veronica still lived within the Pack. She’d relocated with her family when her father had gotten the appointment of the chief doctor in Crimson Shadow Pack… and Cassian couldn’t ask the new alpha for help in banishing her, cos he still felt protective of her.

Well, he’s better now and dreaming of a seductive redhead, who was making him hard between his legs… who could she be?

Part 3: Introducing the Author and Evaluation of The Warrior’s Second Chance Mate

the warrior's second chance mate, redhead

The author of the warrior’s second chance mate is Sil_Bot, who’s one of Dreame’s exclusive writers… with four popular books to their name – The Way To His Luna’s Heart, The Gamma’s Equinox, and The Alpha’s Oracle Witch.

The Warrior’s second chance mate is still ongoing, has about ninety-six chapters, and is entering hundreds of thousands of webnovel lovers. And why not? When the book is quite exceptional… a reader could get aroused simply by reading some of the steamy chapters. Sil_Bot is just that good.

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