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Best Werewolf Romance Review| The Reluctant Alphas Reluctant Luna

The reluctant alphas reluctant luna is a story about an innocent young girl. There are times when I watch some movies or read some stories, and I consider how a naive person would think the things happening in the movies/stories are just fictional… has no bearing in real life. Lol.

Well, Alyssa’s story in the reluctant alphas reluctant luna is another such story. Where an innocent girl finds themselves being parented by the worse, narcissistic, egocentric, chauvinistic father. For the slightest approval from her father, Alyssa is willing to do anything… including getting used by a pedophile, as we’ll find below.

I know you love werewolf stories with strong female leads, just like this one.

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Part 1: Stupendous Storyline of The Reluctant Alphas Reluctant Luna

Alyssa’s father was the alpha (by birth) of the Silver Creek Pack. He’d mated to and married his Luna at the age of twenty-two. After the marriage, they began to have problems with having children. Luna was plagued with miscarriages and her husband wasn’t supportive at all. He saw it as her fault and saw it as something she should have control over.

After a few miscarriages, she was able to conceive and successfully give birth to Alyssa. The problem now became that Alyssa was supposed to be a boy, a worthy heir to his inherited pack lands. The Luna kept trying, but couldn’t give birth to another child, not to talk of a son.

Alyssa’s father treated her like filth. To him, she shouldn’t have been born since she wasn’t a boy. He had no use for her until a pedophile alpha, whom he’d been trying to build an alliance with, came into his house, and under his roof defiled his daughter.

the reluctant alphas reluctant luna, alyssa and fiance

He’d promised to help Alyssa get and retain her father’s precious attention, and it was working. Imagine where the devil gains access to a man’s house in exchange for such a simple thing as a father’s attention.

Well, that was the beginning of Alyssa’s misfortune. She allowed her father’s will and evil desires to be her every command. He’d encouraged her to start dating Xavier, with the interest of becoming a Luna under him.

Well, Xavier mated to someone else after two years in a relationship with her. Something surprising happened when Alyssa herself mated to Xavier’s younger brother – Dylan. Dylan was also four years younger than Alyssa.

In the midst of the tyranny of Alyssa’s father’s reign, a tyranny that ensured the death of Xavier and Dylan’s father, almost killing Xavier and poisoning Dylan… Dylan would discover his mate was Alyssa.

Alyssa had known for years before now, but she didn’t want a younger boy for a mate. She called him a child and informed him she wasn’t in the mood to mummy little boys around. Dylan and his wolf felt insulted, that, plus the fact that Alyssa had dated his older brother for 2yrs…

None of the two liked the will of the moon goddess. But those were not the reason why he rejected her. He only rejected her after Xavier had defeated her father. They also ostracized her from the Silver Creek Pack for her father’s crime. But what happens after Alyssa returns a few years later?

Let’s see what we find in the hot chapters below…

Part 2: Hot Chapters from The Reluctant Alphas Reluctant Luna

the reluctant alphas reluctant luna, dylan

The Reluctant Alphas Reluctant Luna Chapter 5:

Alyssa had left for the United States after being ostracized from her pack. There, she’d fished her law education and had become a lawyer. She’d also gotten engaged to her law school boyfriend, who was human.

Alyssa had done away with her wolf, struggling to stifle it to the barest minimum. This action caused convulsive pain and she depended on a drug to calm her. Now, law school was over and she’d decided to return to Silver Creek Pack.

The only problem is Dylan is the new Alpha.

The Reluctant Alphas Reluctant Luna Chapter 6:

Yes, she’d been the first to find out that little Dylan was her mate, but she didn’t feel any attractive force, pushing any form of sexual desire in her, toward him. Instead, she had a strong feeling to protect the boy he was.

Now, as Alyssa returned to Silver Creek, she was twenty-six years old, and Dylan, was twenty-two. She’d taken a job at the faculty of law at the University in Silver Creek, and Dylan was a final year student of Accounting there. She had always been breathtakingly beautiful and the male students couldn’t help but stare.

What happens when Alpha Dylan Sinclair runs into Alyssa Evans?

Part 3: Introducing the Author and Evaluation of The Reluctant Alphas Reluctant Luna

Rubyk12 is the author of the reluctant alphas reluctant Luna. She has about eight books to her name on Dreame. And the reluctant alphas reluctant luna, is one of her completed books, with about 101 episodes.

the reluctant alphas reluctant luna, alyssa

That said, the reluctant alpha reluctant Luna is full of lessons, and one could hear the author’s desire to raise concerns for the girl child. Narcissistic parenting is a major problem in modern days. Thank God, for some countries have laws protecting children.

We must learn from Alyssa’s resilience in defeating her evil father. For more of this,

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