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Communicative Gardener | A Review Of Taming The Villainesses Novel

Some people are correct when they think that villainesses have easier ways to get what they want than their male counterparts because they are women… And we can see such paradigms in Taming The Villainess’s novel.

Taming The Villainesses itself is all about Theo, who works as the queen’s gardener and should be executed along with the queen’s other ministers. However, he is lucky because he has the queen’s mercy, as the evil and heartless queen only listens to him. Theo’s communication skills are so superb that he easily controls the emotions of people in the Court and other parts of the kingdom.

Soon, Theo is Taming The Villainesses in the novel… Yes, it’s correct – plural, instead of a singular term. After all, more kickass villainesses in this Korean webnovel are waiting for the not-so-Alpha Theo to tame them and have fun with them!

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of Taming The Villainesses


Taming The Villainesses Theo

Theo, the male MC of Taming The Villainesses, might only be the queen’s gardener at the start of the story. He is also originally a pure-hearted individual despite the fact that he is one of the evil queen’s employees. Still, Queen Aira Von Tarantera VIII listens to him more than any other ministers and/or employees.

Theo might not show his physical powers in earlier chapters of Taming The Villainesses. However, his ability to communicate his strategies is top-notch among all other male characters. It’s only a matter of time before the villainesses slowly submit to him.

Aira Von Tarantera VIII

Taming The Villainesses Aira

Her Majesty Queen Aira Von Tarantera VIII is the first villain introduced in Taming The Villainesses novel. She is known as the vicious queen due to her ways to punish the maids, guards, ministers, and/or employees. However, the queen is only being nice when Theo is around her, and she only listens to Theo.

My impression from reading all about Queen Aira in the first chapters of Taming The Villainesses is that she falls in love with Theo. It further shows through her declining power after Theo’s fall.

Part 2: The Amazing Core Stories Of Taming The Villainesses Novel You Should Know

Taming The Villainesses Fandom Novel

The stories of Taming The Villainesses novel are all about a man who reincarnates in the “Villain Hunter” novel as Theo, the henchman of the evil queen (name: Aira Von Tarantera VIII) who works as the queen’s gardener.

Compared to other professions in the kingdom (such as finance minister), a gardener might be an overlooked profession. Still, Her Majesty Queen Aira Von Tarantera VIII of Taming The Villainesses novel only listens to and care for Theo.

Queen Aira of Taming The Villainesses novel is a queen who only cares about herself if Theo is not around. Plus, she tends to implement the most sadistic punishments for maids, ministers, and others whom she thinks are opposing or talking back to her.

No wonder that in Taming The Villainesses novel, other employees in the queen’s kingdom think that Theo is probably licking the queen’s feet! Nobody would ever believe that Theo has the superb communication skills that can make the queen shows her merciful and expressive side.

Taming The Villainesses Spoilers Alert

As a result, Theo often becomes the subject of gossip and bullies from other workers in the kingdom. However, as time goes by in Taming The Villainesses, Theo starts to grow his thick skin. He can even defend himself and the queen while taming even more villainesses coming to his way.

Theo and Queen Aira remain loyal to each other through many chapters of “Villain Hunter” in Taming The Villainesses fandom novel, while Theo is also on his journey to tame the remaining villainesses in this fantastically-written novel.

Taming The Villainesses Theo may look like a non-Alpha guy a.k.a. the classical Japanese male MC with his submissiveness, delicate appearance, and seeming inability to access his physical power.

Nonetheless, the more we read into the contents of this webnovel, the more we understand that Theo is far stronger than any other villainesses and minor characters in this webnovel.

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Part 3: Let’s Meet Michuri, The Author Of Taming The Villainesses Korean Webnovel

Taming The Villainesses by Michuri

Michuri as the author of Taming The Villainesses makes sure that the readers feel entertained by the many fan-serviced villainesses who appear in this Korean webnovel. The villainesses here are not only evil for evil’s sake; instead, they also possess tremendous physical and spiritual powers, and they are only nice to Theo, the male MC.

Taming The Villainesses may be the only Korean webnovel that Michuri has published on several online platforms. However, based on my observations, it is one of the most liked novels by Korean netizens. When we look at the novel’s overall ratings, we would get more than 80% of the full stars, which signifies the novel’s immense popularity.

Aira Von Tarantera VIII remains on the fans’ top list as their most lovable villain among all, mainly because she is the first villain to be introduced in Taming The Villainesses novel. Lots of this Korean novel’s fans want her to end up with Theo because of the undeniable chemistry between these two MCs.

I would say that Taming The Villainesses webnovel is one of the most enjoyable web novels I’ve ever read. Even though Theo might be far from the classical Alpha guy, it doesn’t mean that he is utterly powerless against Aira and the villainess squads. Surely, 550 chapters feel too short for this novel!

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