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Love Knows No Boundaries: Alpha Nox

Although Noah literally lives in a fantasy world where practically anything is possible, it’s almost hard to swallow the fact that same sex relationships are considered abnormal.

Fortunately, Alpha Nox novel it’s a living proof that such narrow-minded views can be overcome. Nox is a dominant character, a ruler who embraces his sexuality and his open-minded views have extrapolated towards his pack, making his werewolves embrace their Alpha’s mate.

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Part 1: The Beautiful Story Of Two Unlikely Mates: Alpha Nox

Noah used to be fun and outgoing and he was one of Josh’s best friends until his secret came out. He likes men. Josh, the future Alpha of the pack didn’t cope well with the fact that his best friend doesn’t share the same sexual preferences as him, thus he began to rebuke him.

From an integrated member of the pack, Noah became the target for bullies and constant ridicule. His only friend for the past few years has been Amber, the Beta’s daughter, who couldn’t care less about her friend’s orientations. She was there for him no matter what.

As the Moondays Season was approaching, Amber urged Noah to attend the party, as most single wolves were bound to find their mates. He knew that there were little chances for him to find his mate, as he didn’t fancy women, but agreed to go for Amber.

Alpha Nox

As everyone was gushing over the hot Shadow Wolves, Noah caught sight of Alpha Nox and realized he was his mate. Afraid of the man’s reaction, he fled the party only to bump into Josh, who tried to bully him once more.

This time, the hot shadow wolf intervened to save Noah, not giving away that he was his mate. Instead, he urged his men to learn more about the man’s identity. Knowing that he was mistreated by the very person who should have protected him, the leader of the pack, enraged Alpha Nox. He wanted Noah to leave everything behind and join him in his pack.

Will Noah follow his heart?

Part 2: Main Characters And A Little Sneak Peak Into Alpha Nox Novel

Alpha Nox is described as being literally a hunk. He is a huge werewolf, he is gorgeous and he is a good ruler as he has no prejudices. After waiting for so long, the Moon Goddess has finally granted him with a mate.

As Nox is aware of the stigma that people with different orientations might wear in his mate’s pack, he chooses to be discreet. Although he stands up for Noah, he doesn’t reveal the true nature of their relationship.

He protects his mate at all costs and so do the members of his pack. They accept Noah as their leader’s mate without question and respect him.

Noah used to be a member of the pack just like any other, even befriending Josh, the future Alpha. His social life though ended the minute everyone realized that Noah is different from them, as he preferred men rather than women.

If he didn’t care that most people turned their back on him, he resented the fact that Josh was among those people. The only one who stood beside Noah, embracing his true self and remaining friends with him was Amber. She was the only one around whom Noah could be himself, no questions asked.

Let’s dive into some of the hottest chapters from Alpha Nox.

Alpha Nox Chapter 4

Noah was stunned. Not only did the Moon Goddess bless him with a mate, she gave him the hottest Alpha on the planet. Terrified of Alpha Nox’s reaction, he fled the party, leaving Amber behind.

He stumbles upon Josh who doesn’t miss the chance to insult Noah. He even mocks his former friend, trying to rub in the fact that he would most likely never find a mate, as he likes men instead of women.

Noah pleads with the future Alpha to leave him alone, but Josh only got more infuriated as he never expected the man to talk back. He grabbed Noah and pushed him against the wall, visibly disgusted.

As Josh kept his grip on his former friend, a harsh voice echoed from behind him, prompting him to release Noah. He claims to discipline his pack members when questioned by Alpha Nox about his actions. As future Alpha, he has a duty to fulfill and the fearless Nox urges him to act like a leader.

When Amber finally finds Noah, she scolds Josh for pestering her friend even when it’s clear he hasn’t made a mistake. Their quarrel is interrupted by Alpha Miche, Josh’s father who invites Nox for a private talk.

As soon as they remain alone, Josh once again threatens Noah.

Alpha Nox Noah

Alpha Nox Chapter 5

Noah didn’t want to attend the party anymore, so he proposed to Amber to remain inside their rooms for the day. Of course the girl wasn’t having that, especially when those sexy shadow wolves would attend the party, so Noah reluctantly agreed to accompany her and enjoy the event together.

They decided to take a stroll into the woods at a nearby lake until the party begins. Amber gushed over how handsome the Shadow Wolves were and how good Alpha Nox would look beside Noah.

The man’s cheeks flashed red. Deep down he knew that Alpha Nox would never consider him his mate or have anything to do with him.

Alpha Miche dived into a deep conversation with Nox, as he wanted to form an alliance between packs. Although the shadow wolf gave an ambiguous answer, his mind wondered to his mate.

He mind-linked his Gamma to see what he found about Noah and urges his men to not disrespect him or his friend whatsoever. He was grateful that the Moon Goddess gave him a mate after waiting for so many years, thus he proceeds to walk towards the lake, where he knew Noah was.

Part 3: My Thoughts On Alpha Nox

Alpha Nox Novel

Although it doesn’t follow the usual Alpha-Luna couple standards, I believe that Nox-Noah couple is just as hot as any other werewolf pair. Alpha Nox’s devotion towards his mate and his stubbornness to make him comfortable with himself and his own feelings is endearing.

Not only does the shadow wolf embrace his true nature and urges, he also teaches Noah how to stand up for himself and accept his fate. I like that he is gentle, yet dominating, he is loving, yet a bit harsh.

The contrasts in Alpha Nox’s character are definitely a turn on. You never know what to expect from him, he has this mysterious aura around him. One thing is for sure, he will always protect Noah, even against his own pack.

Alpha Nox novel is entertaining and full of surprises and as you dive into the story and get acquainted with the exact reasons why some people around Noah act the way they do regarding his sexuality, you will understand the whole novel a lot better.

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