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Best Action Werewolf Novel Review | The Alpha’s Catharsis

The alpha’s catharsis, as earlier stated, claims a place in the paranormal genre. It encompasses every paranormal entity that we’ve only heard about in the fantasy world – vampires, sorcerers, dragons, lycans, and witches.

But the enthralling thing about it is that each and every category of this paranormal entity in the would of the alpha’s catharsis, has their own territories and operates in autonomy. Crossing another’s territory was a sure means to a mercifully swift death.

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Before we look into what happened in the alpha’s catharsis? Let’s identify the main characters of the story below…

Part 1: Main Characters Of The Alpha’s Catharsis

All the characters in the alpha’s catharsis are important, these are the main ones:

Luna Natalie, the strong female lead of the alpha’s catharsis. She’s the Luna to the alpha of Shinning Shadow Pack. She was about twenty-five, tall and pretty.

Alpha Reid, is the male protagonist of the alpha’s catharsis. He’s also the supreme alpha of Shinning Shadow Pack. He was about twenty-seven, tall, huge, muscular, and handsome.

Now, what happened in the alpha’s catharsis? Let’s investigate the storyline below…

the alpha's catharsis, natalie

Part 2: Action Filled Storyline of The Alpha’s Catharsis

Luna Nathalie had just come out of training, she’d done two sections that morning and had also completed her routine of visiting the school to read to the children, that morning.

She went to the Pack supermarket and bought a bucket of ice cream. One of the pack members who had become attached to Natalie since her return to the Pack in Maine and mating to their alpha was heavily pregnant and craving ice cream.

The werewolves of Shinning Shadow Pack do not sleep or slumber. On her way to deliver the ice cream and visit the she-wolf, she was overwhelmed with this eerie sense of danger. After a thorough check, she discovered it had come from her mate.

Her mate, alpha Reid was off on Alpha duty. He was craving the Waning Moon Pack’s territory and had sent a challenge earlier. But after leaving his Luna in charge, he’d gone to see their alpha.

When Luna Natalie arrived at her friend’s place, a vision suddenly appeared to her. She’d had the gift from birth and was prone to sudden clairvoyance attacks. This time, the vision was of Nicholas – the alpha of the Waning Moon Pack. He was on his knees, a captive to a blazing witch… who spoke in two voices at a time.

The witch wanted Alpha Reid and was offering Alpha Nicholas a deal – alpha Reid in exchange for his freedom and the freedom of his Pack.

Natalie was alarmed, she mind linked her mate, and thank God, he was alright. He refused to listen to her and closed the means through which their mind linked.

Natalie went with the others on patrol that night, there were rogues everywhere and they were all from the Waning Moon Pack. They claimed they were trying to escape their territory and had chosen death by trespassing in Shinning Silver Pack territory.

An evil had arisen, how are the werewolves of America going to survive? Let’s investigate in the hot chapters below…

the alpha's catharsis, reid

Part 3: Action Filled Hot Chapters of The Alpha’s Catharsis

The Alpha’s Catharsis chapter 3:

That night, Natalie had disobeyed a direct order from the alpha – her mate, when she refused to stay home and decided to join the patrol that night. Alpha Reid had wanted to keep her safe, but the worry and sense of deja vu, plus the uncertainty of her mate’s fate disturbed her.

They all shifted and had previously thought that the request to double the guards wasn’t for any reason when they began to encounter numerous rogues. It had been long since any intruders dared to step foot in their territory.

The alpha returned during the patrol and listened to the information from one of the rogues by himself. An evil was awakened and she wanted him.

The Alpha’s Catharsis chapter 5:

Grady was missing and the Pack was yet to recover from the impact of the gruesome sudden death of one of the warriors. But before he died, he’d passed on the information that Grady was still alive and being held.

A kind of suppressant was found in his blood. The suppressant was used to stifle his powers, but he’d broken the hold somehow and had teleported back to the pack. But he couldn’t reveal much as he died.

Now, the pack was held in trepidation, the only rescue is that the Shinning Shadow Pack is the strongest Pack in America, and no matter what, they would fight.

the alpha's catharsis, nicholas

Part 4: Introducing the Author and The Alpha’s Catharsis

the alpha’s Catharsis was written by Enna Mortensen, one of Dreame’s renowned exclusive writers. They have two books exclusively on Dreame… they are, The Second Chance Mate and The Alpha’s Catharsis.

Now, the alpha’s catharsis is quite intriguing, it is also a sequel to The Second Chance Mate. To understand certain analogies in the alpha’s catharsis, I would personally advise a reader to read The Second Chance Mate first.

With that said, the alpha’s catharsis is completed, has over seventy chapters, and entertains hundreds of thousands of internet novel lovers. For a similar story,

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