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Read Book Review about Lord of Mysteries

Lord of Mysteries, Zhou Mingrui suddenly started to feel an excruciating headache. Very intense he had no idea what had triggered it, and it was far from the regular headache that one would feel. It felt as though he was being lashed on the head severely with a rod. It was unreal. His thoughts were that he was dreaming and had to wake up in order for him to get out of such pain. After several back and forth, talking to himself and trying to make meaning of what was going on, the pain seemed to subside a little, and he was able to move his body a bit.

Daring to open his eyes, his vision became blurred, blank and a crimson red appeared in his sight. In a room, likely no longer his room anymore, he saw a desk, with an open book in the middle of the desk. Close to the book he saw stationery materials like a lamp and an ink pen, typical for a study setting, but then he saw something else. A gun.

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Part 1: Storyline of Lord of Mysteries

Lord of Mysteries Book

Zhou Mingrui had transmigrated to Klein Moretti, a young historian scholar of Victorian origin. He saw a quick glance of himself in the mirror and saw that the features he was baring at the point where not the same as his real self, Zhou Mingrui, and he further started to suspect that he must have transmigrated, because of the crimson moon that hung outside and glowed silently into the room through the window. The glow of the moon fell on the desk of an open book and stationery objects around it.

Klein Moretti was the son of a late army sergeant who gave his life up at the point of duty. of course, these sort of outstanding act of a soldier is usually duly rewarded anywhere in the world even in present day earth, and so Klein Moretti received proceeds from the army due to this. He studied in a private school, having the best education, even though his family background was less than average. Klein’s exposure to history gained him vast knowledge, and seemingly a curious fellow, he had studied beyond the mundane works of historical literature. Klein Moretti studied the Feysac language and the Hermes Language. The Feysac language, as important as it was, must have not had much to do with what happened to Klein in that room that the Lord of Mysteries, Zhou Mingrui had transmigrated into, but one would want to believe that the knowledge of the Hermes language had a lot to do with it.

The Hermes language appeared in different historic texts, and could be seen in sensitive spots at museums in the Victorian era, but it also appeared in texts involving rituals and sacrifices. While Zhou Mingrui stood looking at his new features in the very dimly lit room, all this information flooded his mind, as they belonged to Klein Moretti, the young man that he had transmigrated into. Having gained knowledge of this, an astonished Zhou Mingrui looked at the open book that was in front of him, and saw that the book started to form words by itself in Hermes language. Everyone will die, including me. That was what the text read on the book.

Thinking critically of this without going any further in the book, one would love to believe that Klein Moretti had committed suicide based on a spell he had likely cast on himself because of the over flow of knowledge he had from reading deeply into the Hermes language. Don’t forget that the Hermes language carried rituals and sacrificial meaning in it, and one could mistakenly say those words and make or mar himself. Lastly, a connection that is worth taking note of in the Lord of Mysteries book is the reason why it had to be Zhou Mingrui that transmigrated to Klein Moretti at that time. Zhou Mingrui, while he was living his regular life in real time, had been faced with several strokes of ill luck over the past month, and he was pretty desperate for a miracle. Desperate to change his fate, Zhou remembered a book that he had stumbled upon earlier. It was called the Quintessential Divination And Arcane Arts. This book carried magic spells for luck enhancement, and given that Zhou Mingrui was in a situation, he referred to the book and saw that the requirements he would need to enhance his luck were simple and straight to the point. So, Zhou Mingrui did the enhancement procedure likely at the same time when Klein Moretti was reading incantations from the Hermes language and shot himself with the revolver gun that Zhou found on the desk when he transmigrated to Klein’s body.

Part 2: Main Characters of Lord of Mysteries

Zhou Mingrui

Lord of Mysteries Zhou Mingrui

The lead male, Zhou Mingrui is the Lord of Mysteries. He transmigrated into the body of Klein Moretti of the Victorian Era, and literally started living Klein’s life. Zhou had done a luck enhancement spell on himself that he suspected was what transported him back in time to the Victorian Era and made him replace Klein Moretti’s life.

Klein Moretti

Lord of Mysteries Klein Moretti

Klein Moretti was a history scholar of the Victorian Era, and the young man that Lord of Mysteries Zhou Mingrui had transmigrated into. His vast scope of knowledge was likely what took his life because when Zhou Mingrui transmigrated into him, his head was blown up by a gun and half open. Klein Moretti had gone beyond him and triggered the unknown via reading and reciting from the Hermes language, and had drawn Zhou to claim his body from the current day earth.

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Part 3: Hot Chapters of Lord of Mysteries

Lord of Mysteries Full Book

Chapter 1

Towards the end of Chapter 1, Lord of Mysteries Zhou Mingrui saw a bloody handprint on the desk beside him. This was after he had transmigrated into Klein Moretti, and found himself in Klein’s room. The bloody handprint indicated that Klein had died with his head blown up by the revolver gun that was on the table. It was safe to call it suicide, but was it really suicide? You won’t know until you read the book.

Lord of Mysteries Transmigrated

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Lord of Mysteries, explains how Zhou Mingrui’s luck enhancement most likely led him to transmigrate into Klein Moretti’s body. He was desperately looking for a strain of luck, and had done a luck spell on himself following mundane procedures. He probably thought it wouldn’t work. Well, it tossed him back to the Victorian Era and gave him Klein’s body. Even Zhou Mingrui said it himself that he suspects the luck enhancement spell he had done on himself to be responsible for his transmigration.

Part 4: Evaluate Lord of Mysteries Book

Lord of Mysteries Book

Easily a ten out of ten mark. An excellent expression of fantasy by the author. The first word in this book keeps you stuck, and it only gets better as one continues to read on. A thrilling, and eye-opening literary work of art, Lord of Mysteries is highly recommended to fantasy book lovers, and those looking to start the genre. This is a must read!

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