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Oh For Mates Sake Werewolf Book Review

Oh For Mates Sake is a werewolf romance set in a doctor verse world. This is one of those medical wolf series by JM Snap. Here at Oh For Mates Sake, we are transported into a world of werewolves and love triangles.

Like how females are in the werewolves’ world, Clover the main character in Oh For Mates Sake is a lowly Delta who struggles with the influence and acceptance of her pack. She earned the Delta position through much hard work, and yet she’s still that girl not deserving of better things in the pack.

Oh For Mate’s Sake is a kickass heroine-fated mate’s werewolf romance novel. The story centers on Clover, a Delta she-wolf with an unknown identity who was fated to their pack’s Alpha and at the same time suffered rejection and betrayal from her pack.

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Part 1: Main Story Of Oh For Mates Sake

Oh For Mates Sake Story

What would you do when everything you knew was questioned? This was the struggle of the main character of Oh For Mates Sake. Clover Basket a Delta of Sulfur Pack. She was an orphan with unknown roots who was said to lose her parents during the dark war. Her being an orphan was an issue to her pack.

As she was confused and searching for her true identity she also was confused about whom she can trust in her pack. Turns out some friends were just playing nice to her for some reason. And to add to her struggle, her life in the pack becomes even more complicated when she found out that she was Denny, the pack’s Alpha’s fated mate.

Oh For Mates Sake Clover Denny

Here in Oh For Mates Sake, though a Delta, Clover was living a life as a lowly bullied and abused she-wolf. The pack wanted a Luna they can trust, a popular and influential one. And it’s not her. So, Denny and she mutually agreed to reject the mate bond.

But as she continued forcing herself to fit in the Sulfur pack, more betrayals and questions arise that are more painful than rejecting her mate. So, the question left to the readers here in Oh For Mates Sake is would Clover end up winning over all the hardships in the end?

Also, the male lead in Oh For Mates Sake is somehow a spoiled brat entitled future alpha. Denny, even though he yearns for Clover because she’s his mate, chooses to settle with Andrea.

Andrea was the kind of Luna he needed. She’s perfect for the position. The pack trusts her and admires her influence. Clover is nothing compared to Andrea, and so he agreed to Clover’s rejection proposal.

Part 2: Main Characters Of Oh For Mates Sake

Oh For Mates Sake Characters


In Oh For Mates Sake, Clover Basket is the Delta of The Sulfur pack. She’s a strong woman who endured all hardship for the dream to make her life better and wants a home and a family. Here is Oh For Mates Sake, we are given a female lead who’s a fighter not just in literal combat but in life’s struggles too.

However, her search for love and acceptance sometimes puts her into trouble and she fails to see who’s real and who can be trusted.

I should also commend that she’s the kind of woman who doesn’t give herself easily into emotions but decides on things with what is logical despite that if it’s painful. She was shown strong in that scene in Oh For Mates Sake wherein it was her who initiated first to reject the mate bond.


He’s the future Alpha of the Sulfur pack. I should say, I don’t like his personality. In Oh For Mates Sake, he was crafted effectively so that he was not dominant nor dangerous, just plain effective brat alpha you would dislike. But he’s the male lead. So we could hope for some character growth in the middle.


The sluty entitled friend of Clover. Her character here in Oh For Mates Sake was presented as vague at first. It’s difficult to guess if she’s a friend or a villain in Clover’s life. But the way her friendship with Clover is, we could sense that she’s not the kind of good friend to keep.

So, you would root more for her whether she will completely unveil her evil character in the middle of the story.

Part 3: JM Snap, The Author Of Oh For Mates Sake

Oh For Mates Sake Author Fantasy Book

JM Snap is the author of several books on Dreame one of his popular works is Dr. Luna, that’s why Oh For Mates Sake has this doctor verse touch too of world-building. Although you can read Oh For Mates Sake as a stand-alone book if you want to understand more of how the medical stuff goes in the werewolf world you can read the author’s doctor series too.

Oh For Mate Sake is written simply. I should say that the author’s way of storytelling is engaging. The way the author laid out the plot and the narrative can hook readers in ways that one can barely notice that the chapters are even longer, which means the way of the author’s storytelling isn’t boring.

Part 4: Books Similar To Oh For Mates Sake

Oh For Mates Sake Similar Books The Legendary Alpha Mate

If you love the Oh For Mates Sake storyline there are several books on Dreame that revolve around pack betrayal and rejection too, one of those is The Legendary Alpha Mate by Maryzu.

The Legendary Alpha Mate tells about Mira’s story, a she-wolf framed for a crime she didn’t commit, but before that turning point in her life happened she was already living a miserable married life as a Luna of an Alpha who doesn’t have any affection for her.

The Legendary Alpha Mate was similar to Oh For Mates Sake in some ways that Jason, the other male lead here is a brat self-entitled like Denny.

Mira also suffers betrayal and despise in her pack and was about to continue enduring her agony until that night when their pack was invaded by a rival pack. But what’s even more surprising was that the alpha of their pack’s enemy claimed her as his mate.

Both the female leads of Oh For Mates Sake and The Legendary Alpha Mate is struggling for the pack’s acceptance, a home, and true love.

I should say both of these books give us a character with worthy struggles, and we root for their growth and rise to power in the end. People who love Oh For Mates Sake also read The Legendary Alpha Mate on Dreame.

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