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Hot Chapters from Oh For Mates Sake

Oh For Mates Sake is written based on the most attractive genre in the online romance novel today, which is the werewolf romance genre. Its readers love the shifting tendency of the male and female werewolf, a significant characteristic is a torture the female lead undergoes, her kickass heroine drive, and her most enticingly spicy Alpha male.

Clover Basket was the Sulfur pack’s future Delta. She wasn’t a popular pack member, no one knew who she was, all they knew was that they saw her around and that is it. At the Dark War, she became an orphan, and many pack members were concerned about her unknown ancestry. Her parents were gone and she all alone was left to battle the pack member.

There is this popular maxim that says simply because you live somewhere does not make it your home. She is forced to make a difficult choice when she hears the word –mate.

Will find the home she has always desired and the love she has always required,

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  • Part 1: Introduce JM Snap, The Author Of Oh For Mates Sake
  • Part 2: Hot Chapters from Oh For Mates Sake
  • Part 1: Introduce JM Snap, The Author Of Oh For Mates Sake

    Author oh for mates sake

    JM Snap is someone who is doing her best to bring us stories that we can lose ourselves in. When she writes, she hopes that for a brief moment, we can all live in another world and become members of the family she has created.

    Her books follow a different plot than most werewolf dramas. She has given certain characters and all of her books unique abilities, such as Beta charm, Luna Calm, and the occasional Alpha will have the swift feat, as seen in Oh For Mates Sake.

    Her characters are built around emotional traumas rather than physical traumas, and they are all between the ages of 26 and 30.

    They usually have a terrible or deeply sad back story, but they were never abused in any way, except for feeling unloved or hated because of something they were mistaken for. Some of her characters are second-chance mates themselves, while others are mated as a second chance for the story’s antagonist.

    She can write in Duel POVs and throw in the occasional extra POV for lighthearted fun or clarification. Her books are entertaining, dramatic, and emotional, with some action and fighting, and characters who are drawn to each other, though some are more resistant than others.

    Part 2: Hot Chapters from Oh For Mates Sake

    Oh for Mates Sake Chapter 9

    oh for mates sake Chapter 9

    She is my mate an argument that sprouted in Oh For Mates Sake and Denny and Sion were involved. Sion looked over at her, you are my mate. Your bond to him is severed, right? Sion asked. She nodded her head glancing over at Denny and Andrea. To Andrea second chance mates are rare but not unheard of. She thinks the moon goddess must have big plans for her Clover.

    There was sure a problem but an authoritative voice boomed. It was the Alpha King’s beta, Sam of the Diamond pack. Usually, alphas outrank a beta, but this was not the case with Sam. Being the Alpha king’s beta put him above everyone else.

    Sam had come in place of Alpha King Wyatt. They were told he was in Elysium, the Fairy Kingdom. So, his beta was here in his place. He watched as he looked her over for a moment and then he looked up at the alphas expectantly.

    Oh for mates sake chapter 9

    Sion restated, she is my mate, but she can’t feel the bond right now. Sion’s eyes were now focused on her. She wanted to walk back into his arms. She wanted to feel his warmth. She had so many questions and she was confused. And she needed to get to the bottom of this Conrad and Sion thing in Oh For Mates Sake.

    Alpha Scott, lead them somewhere where they can talk in private. Sam moved closer to her. He patted her shoulder and gave her a warm smile. It felt like he was looking out for her. Which was a nice feeling to have. Especially when she was so confused. He stayed by her side as they made their way through the room. She appreciated Sam not wanting to make more of a spectacle of the event.

    That evening they went to Alpha Scott’s office where they could talk without anyone overhearing. She could see Sion and Denny standing out in the hall as the door shut. She looked up at Alpha Scott and Sam. It was just the three of them in the soundproof room in Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 9.

    Oh for Mates Sake Chapter 10

    Oh for mates sake chapter 10

    There was a soft intimacy in his voice that pulled her into him in Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 10. It was like his voice was wrapping its arms around her and comforting her.

    She knew the smartest thing for her to do was to go to the Diamond pack, which was the Alpha King’s pack, and he was the one who spared her, to begin with. But logic never could convince the heart. And her heart wanted a family.

    She wanted to go with Sion. He was her chance to have a family, and this was something she desperately wanted. To her, one can’t understand what it is like to not have anyone. She doesn’t have a family. She grew up with no one looking out for her.

    Was it so bad that she wanted this now? However, she also wants to complete it. She wasn’t going to jump straight into Sion’s bed, at least not yet.

    Oh for mates sake chapter 10

    There was nowhere to go but she had to leave the Sulfur pack in Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 10, so why not leave with her potential mate? He was even offering to be with her if Sheena doesn’t resurface. Plus, he had a very valid point about her wolf healing better near their mates especially mentally. There is a good chance Sheena will come back to her faster if she is with Sion.

    However, there was also something else. A weird feeling inside of her that was pulling her towards him. It was as if something or someone was telling her to go with Sion. Maybe it was the mate pull and a part of me that recognized it.

    She doesn’t know but being near Sion just felt right and what it could hurt anyway, she wasn’t agreeing to anything more than staying there for now. This would only be permanent if she agreed to it in Oh For Mates Sake Chapter 10.
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