It takes only one night


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Annabella Hudson is your calm, understanding girl that's decided to go clubbing with her best friend one night to escape the pain she saw in her brother's eyes as he fights for his life.

Dancing and drinking with a little flirting never hurt anyone. She just wanted to forget. Annabella's body swaying left; right caught someone's attention, Cèsar Del Mar's attention to be exact.

Hot and tall with a dark expression, he lusted over her body. A pain throbbed between his legs as he couldn't handle anymore.

Bring her to me. I'll be upstairs; he whispered to his right-hand man before he took off.

Drug lord and a strong girl that becomes a woman cross path to bring you a story worth reading.
You are not defined by your mistakes. Never bring yourself down just for that 'mistake' you made. Conquer all your pain and hold yourself up for you are beautiful in every way.

♡ Edited by the lovely @jgfairytales ♡


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Chapter 33


One year later...

I enjoyed looking at my kids playing with their father. It was a blessing from above. This year passed by so quickly that I forgot all the pain that was in me.

Here is where I wanted to be. It felt like home and more. The bakery I once owned was still running under the same n……

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