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Night Pleasures Review – Best Vampire Story

Night Pleasures is a hot paranormal romance featuring the immortal vampire and his lady love who can help him get his soul back.

Night Pleasures is a story that is filled with hot steamy love stories, action, and humor all in the world of supernaturals that will make you want more.

This is a story of a night stalking the evil that preys on humans, it’s dark and dangerous. When Kyrian, the dark hunter wakes up handcuffed to Amanda his life changes.

The sexy vampire finds his love after 2000 years.

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Part 1: Storyline of Night Pleasures and itshot Characters

Night Pleasures Dark hunters

Night Pleasures is a paranormal romance written by Sherrilyn Woodward. It revolves around the ancient warrior who is called Dark hunters who protect the mankind and fate of the world.

Night Pleasures begins with Kyrian of Thrace who is one of the fierce warriors who sold his soul to get revenge and seek immortality after being betrayed and hurt by his ex. His tough past made him become a dark hunter.

The only goal in front of Kyrian is to protect humans from Daimon aka Desiderius who are the soul-sucking vampires

Amanda is an accountant who gets dumped by her boyfriend. Her sister Tabitha is a vampire hunter but Amanda on the other hand doesn’t believe in this paranormal saga.

But Daimon mistakes Amanda to be her sister Tabitha and traps her next to Kyrian, the vampire.

Night Pleasures night stalkers

For the first time in 2000 years, Kyrian feels something different towards Amanda. He had given up all his hopes when it comes to love but meeting Amanda makes him question his beliefs.

When Kyrian realizes that Diamon is after Amanda, Kyrian brings her home. But being a dark hunter he is not allowed to have a woman for more than a few nights. Kyrian can’t help but care about Amanda who can be the answer to his prayers.

Amanda along with Kyrian can help him get his soul back and with him, she’s no boring ordinary human.

Night Pleasures storyline

Night Pleasures is one of the best paranormal romances that’s full of sexy characters called Dark Hunters who will take your breath away with great action, and a suspense-filled storyline.

Sherrilyn takes us on a ride of fantasy with her Characters who are unique, it’s all in a blend of a great paranormal world with modern times backdrop.

Characters of Night Pleasures

Kyrian Of Thrace is an immortal who gave his soul to Artemis to gain his immortality and he is called the Dark Hunter. He is a kind of vampire in this paranormal fiction Night Pleasures.

What I loved about Kyrian is that he was hot, not evil. He had a way about him the super sexy, humorous take on himself. Night Pleasures is a story that revolves around this Dark Hunter.

He has given up on love but then he meets Amanda Deveraux. Kyrian starts to care about him, he works hard and is passionate. His passion drives us through his character which made him stand out to me.

Night Pleasures characters

Amanda Deveraux, she’s very strong and confident. She’s tender with her feelings but she was a giver. But she doesn’t believe in vampires or the paranormal elements. She doesn’t realize that she is no ordinary boring accountant.

Amanda was a powerful character once she realized that with Kyrian she can get her powers, and the couple becomes stronger together. She can help Kyrian regain his soul.

Kyrian has a tough past and Amanda when falls for the dark hunter she will do anything to help him out. Their hot chemistry, the sizzling intimate moments, and the passionate fights were worth it.

I enjoyed how Sherrilyn created a such strong female character as an equal to Kyrain that makes them the best couple. I loved how Kyrian and Amanda were two different people but came together as one.

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Part 2: Night Pleasures book review

Night Pleasures book review

Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of the New York Times and international best-selling authors who are known for her urban fantasy and paranormal romance she brings the best of the fantasy world to the readers through her books which have sold over 70 million copies.

Night Pleasures is about Kyrian, an immortal dark hunter who is a vampire who got hurt and betrayed. His past haunts him and he has a tough time believing that any woman can accept his damaged heart.

When Desiderius traps Amanda and Kyrian, he is attracted to her. But the last time he fell for a woman he lost his soul and mortality. Amanda doesn’t believe in vampires but when Kyrian wants to protect her from Desiderius she can’t help but fall for the vampire.

I enjoyed Amanda and Kyrian’s love story in Night Pleasures. I craved the way they found each other after being betrayed, hurt, and lost in life.

Kyrian was one of the characters that I loved, pitied, and supported. To see him find love again was the icing on the cake for me.

Overall Sherrilyn Kenyon doesn’t disappoint you in this Dark Hunter novel and this is a book for all the fantasy lovers who love a good story filled with romance and drama of the supernaturals.

Part 3: Books similar to Night Pleasures

If you enjoyed Kyrian and Amanda’s story in Night Pleasures here are our top picks that you need to check out right away.

Books similar to Night Pleasures 1: The Vampire’s Servant by Rory McCauley-Hayman

Night Pleasures recommendations

Echo Gale was told by her parents that she was evil and ever since she has lived a life of servitude for her family even though her siblings love her they can’t go against their parents.

Victor has been searching for Paul Springer for the last fifteen years as he stole millions and disappeared. Finally, he finds out where Springer is but he finds out something worse.

Springer has been feeding off of a minor for the last ten years and now Victor wants to make things right with her.

If you enjoyed the good Vampire drama in Night Pleasures you need to check out The Vampire’s Servant to know more about the amazing love story

Booke Similar to Night Pleasures 2: Sexting with a vampire by Veliciah

Night Pleasures fantasy fiction

If you loved the sexy vampire saga in Night Pleasures let me introduce you to this hot and happening story.

Stella is a werewolf with no pack and her only purpose is to serve, not to question

Her master Lady Ashley hands her phone with a simple task, making her future husband fall for her through texts. Now Stella is sexting with Evan, aka Ashley’s future husband.

But the only problem is he hates werewolves and Stella might be falling in love with the sexy vampire. Like this wasn’t enough Stella is soon going to turn twenty which means she is going to be claimed as Alpha Raphael’s fated mate.

To know more about Stella and Evans check out Sexting with a vampire which is filled with hot and spicy romance with a good Storyline

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