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Best Fantasy Romance Book Review: The Vampire’s Servant

Stories about female servants are always thrilling to read, and Dreame’s The Vampire’s Servant is not an exception. The stories here are more than just a relationship dynamic between a female servant and a male vampire master. Rather, the highlight lies in the female MC, who has lived her life as a servitude to her family members who label her as the evil one.

So, Echo Gale (that’s the name of the female MC), has literally been The Vampire’s Servant since her childhood. At the same time, Paul Springer, the so-called father (a.k.a. the stepfather) of Echo, has served another real vampire: Victor Nightshade. More precisely, Paul is Victor’s wayward child who steals from him fifteen years ago.

Now, Victor finds he does harmful things to Echo. At the same time, the two start to feel forbidden romance-like bonds as soon as they meet. Will The Vampire’s Servant, Echo, level up to become the vampire’s significant other?

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of The Vampire’s Servant

Echo Gale

The Vampire's Servant Echo

“A Gentle Echo” is the nickname of Echo Gale, the female MC of The Vampire’s Servant. One of the most unique things about Echo is that her first appearance is in Chapter 3, which is considered as later than most MCs’ appearances in either the Prologue or Chapter 1 of a novel.

In The Vampire’s Servant novel, Echo has loving siblings, yet, her stepfather, Paul Springer, is the problematic one. It is because of him that Echo has to live her life out of lies that she is an evil individual.

Victor Nightshade

The Vampire's Servant Victor

Victor Nightshade is the father of Paul Springer, a wayward son who has stolen money from him fifteen years ago. These things in The Vampire’s Servant novel on Dreame make Victor essentially Echo’s step-granddaddy.

In The Vampire’s Servant novel, Victor meets Echo when he visits Echo’s mother and he’s about to bargain for Echo. Later on, we witness that his feelings toward Echo start to bloom more romantically.

Part 2: The Story Of The Vampire’s Servant Novel That We Can Learn From

The Vampire's Servant Novel Dreame Read

The stories of The Vampire’s Servant novel essentially focus on a girl named Echo Gale, who lives with Paul Springer (she calls him Mr. Springer), Paul’s wife, and her two loving siblings. Unfortunately, Mr. Springer and his wife actively scapegoat Echo.

Not only that the so-called mother has purposefully shaved Echo’s hair and never allows her to hair salons; both of Echo’s so-called parents also consistently frame Echo as if she’s the evil one stealing from Mr. Springer.

Later on, as we read more portions of the stories in The Vampire’s Servant novel Dreame, we know that it’s Mr. Springer stealing from another being…And it is a vampire named Victor Nightshade.

When we read the introductory chapters of The Vampire’s Servant, we’ll know that Mr. Springer is the wayward son of Victor Nightshade. Yet, Victor’s encounter with Echo’s family starts somewhere in the middle of the introductory chapters.

The time also gives indications on Victor’s eating habits (that are different from human beings) and also discloses the family’s other ill intention: To sell Echo to the highest vampire bidder possible.

Even though their motivations in selling their daughter to vampire bidders are unclear, doing so to children is an evil enough act for me. I feel amazed by the ways Victor faces Echo’s evil family members that they agree to make Echo The Vampire’s Servant to Victor. As the two move out from Echo’s family’s home, I get the impression that Victor is a decent vampire master to Echo.

The more Victor and Echo get closer, the more Victor feels like he doesn’t want to “buy” Echo. I can sense his love for Echo getting fonder throughout the chapters of The Vampire’s Servant novel, and I hope they would continue their relationship.

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Part 3: Meet The Brilliant Author Of The Vampire’s Servant Novel

The Vampire's Servant Novel by Rory McCauley-Hayman

Have you read some chapters of The Vampire’s Servant on the Dreame platform, and wondered who is the author behind the super-brilliant storylines? Rory McCauley-Hayman (abbreviated: RMH) is the name of the author! Well, she may be not as well-known as other Dreame’s Next Top Writers who focus on writing romance and fantasy stories; yet, let us remember that RMH also belongs to one of Dreame’s Next Top Writers.

As one of Dreame’s Next Top Writers, of course, RMH, the author of The Vampire’s Servant novel, has so many social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and even her website that contain updates on her novels’ progress and her novels’ portfolios. Apart from Dreame, she has also published her novels on so many internationally-recognized literary platforms.

RMH’s Instagram account is my favorite among all social media websites from the same author! It’s because, on Instagram, we get to see RMH’s personalities deeper.

She doesn’t only publish things such as, “The Vampire’s Servant (or any of her other novels) has experienced hiatus,” “I am momentarily sick,” or others – she also frames her progress as if she progresses become some other spin-off parts of her stories.

I also love the genius ways RMH pictures the fantasy elements in both of her social media websites and novels like The Vampire’s Servant on the Dreame platform. We can readily see the details of the vampires’ desires and eating habits, for example, which are non-typical for fantasy stories. Overall, I would love to see more vampire and fantasy stories from RMH. Speaking of which, about the novel…

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