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My Necromancer Class Book Review

Since readers could not get enough of the thrill and excitement emanating from the first chapters of the novel, the author decided to make My Necromancer Class a trilogy. A born Threat, The Fated Monster, and Undead Craft are the titles that all readers are waiting to devour.

The mystical journey of Jay, a young necromancer, is no ordinary quest. It is a matter of life or death. As in video games, Jay needs to build his character, boost his energy, acquire new abilities and fight the enemies who wish to make him perish.

Keeping secrets and scheming are recurrent motifs in the book, which makes My Necromancer Class novel keep you in constant suspense. The unique setting and the otherworldly creatures along with the magic elements create a unique story that is bound to get you hooked.

Avid consumers of My Necromancer class read online, you can find all the available chapters along with the author’s notes. The chapters are constantly reviewed by the author, to mend all possible errors and improve the reading experience of all book lovers.

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Part 1: My Necromancer Class Storyline

My Necromancer Class Adventurers

Jay Hart awakes on the day of his class awakening filled with hope. He wants nothing more than to leave behind his butcher’s life and finally become an adventurer. Jay is convinced that he will get a swordsman class since he wielded knives all his butcher life, but it seems that the universe has other plans for him.

After failing to touch the mana conduit at the Adventurers Guild, on the seventh day of the seventh month, he learns that he is a Necromancer, someone who possesses the ability to raise the dead to fight for him. It finally dawns on him that he has been around dead animals all his life, butchering them, so being a necromancer kind of suited him.

Slowly, but surely, our character passively levels up, having the Dons fight his battles. Later in the book, he manages to create more powerful entities to help him. He teams up with Anya, fighting monsters while gaining new healing and restoring abilities, building up his strength and energy level.

Unfortunately, Jay learns that he is a threat to the entire world, who wishes for him to be dead, so he begins his quest to reach the high point of his magical powers and bend the world as he chooses.

Part 2: Main Characters of My Necromancer Class


My Necromancer Class Necromancer Jay Hart

Jay is the protagonist of My Necromancer Class novel. He is a butcher who was abandoned by his parents and lives a quiet, boring life in a small city. His journey transforms him from weak to strong, making him conscious that the only person he can rely on is himself.

He lies and plots to increase his character level without any hesitation, being ruthless when it came to monsters and enemies.

When Jay turns eighteen, on the day of his class awakening, he enthusiastically goes to the Adventurer’s Guild to touch the mana conduit and get his class, ready for a new life as an adventurer. Bad luck prevents him from touching the magic crystal and he doesn’t get his class.

Fortunately, the next day he learns that he is a Necromancer with the ability to raise the dead and make them fight monsters for him. My Necromancer Class by Aero follows his quest to become a strong being, overcoming the idea of being a threat to the entire world.


Daughter of Michael, the master of the Adventurer guild, Anya is a new adventurer, skilled in handling a crossbow. She is strong, beautiful, and smart and she is paired up with Jay in fighting monsters.

At first, Jay is skeptical of her, thinking that she could manipulate him and even believing that Michael uses him to level Anya up, but in time, her braveness convinces him of her abilities.

Anya has Jay’s back in training and fighting monsters, even offering valuable pieces of advice that will help him win important battles.

My Necromancer Class Anya, Jay's companion


Bertram is an old, fat, lazy merchant who eats like a king and sells weapons. Most times he sells good-for-nothing weapons at high prices, keeping the magical, useful blades out of sight. Jay manages to call out his bluff as he finds the real, handy weapons and gets his hands on some of them.

Bertram has a slave, Hess, bound by a quintessence contract that tied his soul to his master for as long as he lived. The contract prevented him from even committing suicide since it would make him serve Bertram in the afterlife as well.

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Part 3: Chapters from My Necromancer Class

My Necromancer Class The Necromancer's Don

My Necromancer Class Chapter 6

Jay casually walked into the clearing with his hands behind his back, clearing his throat to get the rat’s attention. He was starting to get a thrill in finding prey. Within seconds, his Don came out and attacked the three rats that came into view. The kill was so easy that Jay felt a little bit disappointed. He called the fights “a walk in the park”.

Within a few hours, he had gathered a full knapsack of fur scraps and teeth, winning battles without moving a finger. His laziness made him wonder whether he could obtain other weapon proficiency. He tried aiming at the rats with his cooking knife, with no luck.

He does discover something while checking out one of his Dons. It had a crack in its head, so Jay tried to cast a new spell. With a simple word, “mend”, he repaired the Don. To his surprise, the spell also worked with magic weapons, golems, and even living statues.

My Necromancer Class chapter 91

Handling the weapons back to the skeletons, Jay ordered them to keep hunting. The wolf-skull skeletons obeyed their master and ran over the hills. He needed to get back to Losla, so he ran back from the dungeon. Everyone in the cave commented on him leveling up too fast as if he had something up his sleeve that no one knew about.

Jay knew his success happened thanks to his skeletons fighting his battles. He returned to the butchery, only to find Trenly telling him that he had been requested at the adventurer association.

Meanwhile, Matheson decided to fight two wolf-like monsters. During the battle, a blue orb was glowing brightly behind Matheson. He had a bad feeling about it. The orb attacked him and, within seconds, he was on the floor, bitten by a wolf who took advantage of the situation.

My Necromancer Class Skeletons Fighting for Jay

My Necromancer Class chapter 211

Jay realizes that he can craft a mind for his skeletons, the only inconvenience being that, when getting a fresh mind, the skeleton would temporarily forget how to fight. Jay chose Dark to be the next one to get a conscience, to make him stronger, unbeatable. Dark was a faithful servant, he would follow Jay’s commandments exactly.

Soon after the spell of crafting the mind was completed, Dark bowed his head in submission. At the Third Academy Sylvia was smiling. Norgren seemed concerned as he had never seen her so content before, so he decides to ask William to find Jay again, to save him.

Meanwhile, Sylvia has her agenda with Matheson and feels like it is time to put her plans into action. She carefully puts a parasite into her prisoner, making him scream in pain for hours, as the leech becomes one with its host. When the pain was finally subdued, Matheson feels weird, but realizes that he had become stronger, he finally felt mana.

Part 4: My Necromancer Class Novel Review

My Necromancer Class novel

My Necromancer Class novel is an enjoyable read and it should be on every avid reader’s list of future reads. The mix between adventure, fantasy, necromancy, and videogame vibe creates a unique story, written in a way that transposes you right in the middle of the action.

The way the characters are built, and the way they level up and acquire new features makes them truly interesting, as you discover the new and improved character in each chapter. My Necromancer Class by Aero has a storyline mystery that you don’t find in other books.

It is intriguing and appealing and it makes you want to read more and more. It is a book I would recommend, especially since the adventure has yet to finish.

You don’t have to be keen on videogames to like this story, the portrayal of the novel through videogames association is a plus that will only help you understand the characters better. If I were to rate the novel so far, I would surely give it five out of five stars. A worthy reading!

Part 5: If You Enjoyed My Necromancer Class, You Will Enjoy This

My Necromancer Class Necromancer Terrifying the City

If necromancy, death, and revenge have become appealing to you after reading about My Necromancer Class, I recommend you to check out The Necromancer’s Lair. It is a unique story, revolving around mystery and puzzles, catching your interest from the first line of the book.

The storyline follows Gareth and his best friend and sworn man, Hatherley who try to catch the Necromancer who brought terror to town. Not only do they wish to rid the city of the Necromancer, but they also want to put their hands on the reward offered for his head.

Their adventures take them to scary, unknown places, and make them solve impossible puzzles while putting their own lives in danger.

Will they succeed in their quest unscathed? There is only one way to find out.

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