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Hot Chapters From Shadow Slave

Sunny the Shadow Slave is a wretched kid, who’d lost his family at a very young age. His family was one of the poorest on the earth, he couldn’t even afford to find them a proper memorial place as was the custom of his society. He had to mark two lines on a tree, one for each of his parents.

At sixteen, Sunny was cursed with the spell that had ravaged his time. The one spell that had plunged his world into chores many years before he was born. It was called the Sleeping Spell.

This unfortunate spell changed the order of society, class differences, social amenities, and social infrastructures, and even ended many lives and countries, making them inhabitable.

People had learned to survive by living with it. Fortunately for Sunny’s world, it wasn’t everyone who was cursed by the spell that had died in it. A few many were able to wake from the endless sleep, these people had put systems into place to help their world survive.

Some of the systems included adding survival skills to their school’s curriculum, building academies for new sleepers, sensitizing law enforcement agencies, etc.

This is why after Sunny had marked a line for himself, on the tree near his parent’s memorial marks, he’d taken himself to the police station before the sleep could overwhelm him.

No, this sleep is not ordinary. There are reasons why most of the first people who couldn’t wake up died in their sleep. There’s a reason why Sunny had to leave a memorial marker for himself thinking he wasn’t going to wake up.

There’s a reason why he needed to report himself at the police station before his eyes would close. There’s a reason why one sleeping section lasted for days, weeks, or months. There’s, in fact, a reason why the people of Shadow Slave referred to some others as sleepers.

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Part 1: Main Characters of Shadow Slave Book

Birth name: Sunless, friends called him Sunny.

True name: Lost From Light

Rank: Dreamer

Aspect: Shadow Slave

Aspect Rank: Divine

Aspect Abilities: Shadow control

Memories: Silver bell, Puppeteer’s shroud, etc

Attribute: Fated, Marked by divinity, Child of shadows, etc

Flaw: Clear conscience

Final Appraisal: Glorious.

Sunny – the protagonist of Shadow Slave Book after his first sleep in which he was flung into the nightmare trial, received the above qualities.

Even though receiving a True Name, a high Rank such as he did, and a powerful final appraisal were so rare that most of the people who ever achieved them were dead, Sunny received him and on the occasion after his first trial. A record breaker.

Shadow Slave Nephis AkA Changing Star

On the other hand, every sleeper must have a flaw. No matter how great their new qualities were, there must be a Flaw. Sunny’s flaw was the Clear Conscience flaw. He just could not tell a lie. If he was going to say anything, it must be the truth.

Sunny had another problem. Even though he was an exceptional dreamer he was bound to have a master. Simply acquiring the information as to his True Name and repeating it out loud would bind Sunny to a master. Which is why he had to find ways to hide his True Name and to work around his flaw.

Thanks to meeting Master Jet as soon as he awoke from his first nightmare trial, her advice helped him scale through the academy without being forced to divulge his secrets.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters from Shadow Slave

Shadow Slave Chapter 82: Fear of the unknown

Sunny was in the Dream Realm, he’d fallen into the embrace of spiderweb. He was screaming, writhing, helpless and without options regarding what actions to take to help his situation.

Since there was nothing he could do, he decided to wait out the situation. When the pain subsided and he was himself again, the spell gave him a promotion and he was awed by his new achievements.

Turned out that everyone he’d killed in the spell had become shadows in his soul core and were under his command. All including his first human kill – a soldier, his first monster kill – Mountain King, and every other creature.

Shadow Slave Chapter 344: Sorrow, Pain, and Rage

Shadow Slave Cassia The Blind

Sunny had met his fellow Dreamers, Cassia the Blind, and Nephis the silver-haired girl. Her True Name – Changing Star, was of the Immortal Flame Clan, whose parents were Smile of Heaven and Broken Sword.

Her clan had met some bad fate and had gone into extinction making her the last of her clan. She was also the strongest Dreamer in Sunny’s academy set.

Sunny met Cassia and Nephis at the first stage of the Dream Realm. They became companions, using their different skills to help one another and survive the unfriendly environment they’d found themselves in.

Even though Cassia’s flaw was blindness, she could see either the future or the past and could have visions, which was rare in the Dream Realm.

She’d had a terrible vision that Sunny or Nephis couldn’t understand until this chapter. Sunny had grown very fond of Nephis and was even considering her as someone he cared about the most.

Lost from Light and Changing Star would have to face the trickiest of all enemies – fate, as their blades crossed.

Shadow Slave Lost from Light and Changing Star

Shadow Slave Chapter 351: Once again

Humans only ever had one soul core and only nightmare creatures had more, but Sunny just suddenly acquired two soul cores. And also acquired the thousandth shadow fragments.

He was used to having his shadows wrap around him or his weapons for the double impact of anything, ranging from strength to punches. He’d commanded all the shadows under his command to wrap themselves around him, as he discovered the magnitude of his impossible strength.

He saw that he could use different shadows on different things simultaneously. Sunny had achieved the classification of a Monster. The number of his soul core was growing and he could only imagine what he would be capable of should he ever achieve the full number of soul cores.

Sunny made a shocking discovery, he now had a master. Her name: Nephis. True Name: Changing Star. Rank: Dreamer. Class: Demon.

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