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Married To The Devil’s Son | Book Review

Married To The Devil’s Son is a book written by Jasmine Josef and was published as a web novel. It was loved by readers specifically young adults because of its exceptional plotline and pacing. Thanks to those qualities, Married To The Devil’s Son also gained millions of reads and hearts from different types of readers.

As of now, it has 70 million views and still counting. What a successful book! Really extraordinary!

I wonder, how many more thousands of reads would Married To The Devil’s Son could reach in the future. Truly extraordinary.
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Part 1: Main storyline in Married To The Devil’s Son

Married To The Devil's Son Main Story Line

This was about the princess and the son of a devil who was destined to marry each other. Married To The Devil’s Son started with how the king of the devils fell in love with one of the human king’s concubines. He disguised himself as the king and went to her bed quarter.

Things got complicated and the concubine was almost punished because the king thought, she was cheating on him after knowing that she got pregnant without spending the night with him.

This is when the King of the devils intervened. He promised the human king to give him absolute power in exchange for sparing his beloved woman.

As a greedy man, the king immediately agreed without hesitating. Years passed and now, the son of the devil was told to marry a princess. This is one is exactly the start of Married to the devil’s son.

Being a princess is everyone’s dream but for Hazel, it was nothing but a title she didn’t like. She was like a captive person who cannot go out, hang out with friends and say whatever she wants to say as it could taint her image as a princess.

And now, even the person she has to marry was decided without her consent. On the day of her wedding, she found out that the devil’s son does not look like a devil like the rumor says but rather, a handsome man.

As she leave her palace and lived with her husband, she made sure to live as stable as could as she is married to the devil’s son.

Just like that, their interest in each other grew and deepened their bond with love. That is the story of Married To The Devil’s bloomed.

Part 2: Main characters in Married To The Devil’s Son

1. Hazel

Married To The Devil's Son Female Lead

She’s a sentimental person. In the first chapter of Married To The Devil’s Son, the author showed how loving she is to her mother and siblings. And unlike any other royal family member, she is not ambitious. She prefers to have a normal life she couldn’t have because of the royal blood that’s flowing in her.

Although it wasn’t shown much, she has a strong conviction and rational mentality so, despite the pressure of marrying the rumored son of a devil, she stood still in front of everybody as she welcome her groom whom she did not know.

Of course, at that exact moment, she was nervous. Still, her strong mentality was shown in this part. That’s how she survived the pressure of being married to the devil’s son. But after some time passed and a lot of things had already happened, she came to love the fact that she is married to the devil’s son.

2. Lucian

Married To The Devil's Son Male Lead

Lucian is the son of a devil. Until now, he has lived a lonely life. Even his father didn’t care about him, all he cares about was spreading his power more efficiently. He was indeed a greedy man.

Although before, he used to play with his siblings, when they realized that he was excelling more in swordsmanship and other things, they started distancing themselves from him while calling him a devil’s son and when he met the heroine, he was kind of impressed by how she’s facing the fact that she’s married to the devil’s son.

Regardless, he was often described by people as someone with long nails and an ugly appearance which contradicts his real self.

These are the two main characters of Married To The Devil’s Son.

Part 3: Conclusion on Married To The Devil’s Son

Married To The Devil's Son Conclusion

As someone who loves reading novels, great books had always been our savior. It saves us from boredom and it keeps us company whenever we’re not feeling well. That’s why in this article, we discussed how beautiful Married To The Devil’s Son is. And any moment, Married To The Devil’s Son is here to accompany you throughout the moments you are needing of something that would keep you entertained.

As we write the conclusion, how about we imagine being one of the main protagonists of Married To The Devil’s Son? Wasn’t it fascinating? The scenes were so unpredictable and truly, they could make your heart flutter. It has a good storyline and romance and it would be a good journey for a reader to explore. This is Married To The Devil’s son, one of the best books ever.

Part 4: Jasmine Joseph, author of Married To The Devil’s Son

Married To The Devil's Son's Author

The author of Married To The Devil’s Son, Jasmine Joseph has an incredibly good writing style which you’ll agree with once you decided to read Married To The Devil’s son. Every book that she had written had always been the favorite of the readers as it was very detailed and full of tension.

She knew when to stop a chapter to make the readers way more excited, enthusiastic and her techniques in writing are just simply plausible causing her to gather millions of readers which you’ll realize once you read Married To The Devil’s Son.

Married To The Devil’s Son is one of her most successful books. Of course, other than Married To The Devil’s Son, she had also written the following books.

1. Touch Of Flame

Married To The Devil Touch Of Flame

This is a book about how the two characters of two races in war developed their feelings during their mission and vengeance.

He was king Malachi, a dragon with royal blood. He was held captive by the humans he despise! During the time he was captive, he suffered every possible humiliation he could suffer and only one woman showed him endless kindness and light. Regardless, once he gets free, he swore to take vengeance for the humiliation he suffered.

Princess Ravina is a woman who has a mission to eradicate every existing dragon but when she realized that her family was held captive by the dragons, she changed her way. Instead, she decided to get on their good side and betray them, later on, to get what she wants. As the story goes on and the truth was unveiled, how will the main characters face the betrayals and hatred?

Just like Married to the devil’s son, this one revolves around the royal family.

2. Heart Of Darkness

Married To The Devil Heart Of Darkness

Angelica was a woman who was seeking someone to provide for and protect her in a world ruled by men. She needs someone strong who could help her to survive. And so, she came and knocked on the most feared man who was filled with scars mentally and physically. As they spent time together, will love bloom? Or would it only add to their scars?

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