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Book Review: Chosen by the Dragon Kings

Will you choose the man who was always humorous and made you smile, the man whose care for you is magical, or the man who will do anything just to make you his’?

Elora Aziza was the luckiest woman living in the realm of dragons when the three kings chose her as their mate. She was clueless about what would happen to her the moment her feet landed on the castle.

Fear enveloped her as the three kings’ eyes’ darted on hers. Needy, luscious, and teasing. All she wants is to get away from the people who made her, and her grandmother suffer.

But Dragus’ smile, Matitus’ gentleness, and Sila’s ruthless heart made her think thrice. That was her feeling when she was chosen by the dragon kings.

Being torn between two lovers is a real love problem, especially if you get attached to both. Guilt will be your enemy, and your conscience will draw the line. Or why not pick all of them? Is that even possible?

There will come a time when you need to choose one. But the universe wants Elora to have more than two lovers. What do you think would be her heart‘s desire in the end?

Read the story of Chosen by the Dragon Kings.
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Part 1: Storyline of the Chosen by the Dragon Kings Jessica Hall

Chosen by the Dragon King‘s Jessica Hall

Being a Fae is a mortal sin to dwell in the realm of dragons. Elora Aziza was the living embodiment of this. She is a Fae by blood and was despised by the dragons, for they believed that the Fae’s betrayed them and killed their ancestors.

Elora was guarded by her grandmother and kept her Fae identity hidden. Elora did everything she could to conceal her abilities. But she wondered why she was still chosen by the dragon kings as their mate.

Secrets, on the other hand, were designed to be revealed. It can‘t be hidden forever. The time had come that the dragon kings found her, the last Fae living in the realm.

Elora panicked when Matitus and Dragus brought her to the palace, afraid they would kill her. But, to her surprise, the two handsome kings declared that she was the dragon‘s mate. Silas, the other king who was also her mate, confirmed it.

The three kings believed that she was the chosen one who would give birth to their heirs. What does it feel like to be chosen by the dragon kings?

Caution: Hot scenes ahead! Let‘s take a peek at the main characters of Chosen by the Dragon King’s book below.

Part 2: The main characters of Chosen by the Dragons Kings

Elora Aziza

Chosen by the Dragon Kings

Elora Aziza is a Fae, a fairy whose only wish is a peaceful life. But growing up, the dragons made it hard for her. She was chosen by the dragon kings as their mate. Hiding, running, and stealing have been her life to survive the evilness of them.

Thanks to her loving grandmother, who did everything she could to protect her until it cost her her life. Elora was devastated when it happened and was furious and loathed the dragons. But as much as she wanted to escape from them, she couldn’t.

The three kings threatened to slay all her friends, so she chose to be with them and agreed to be the three-dragon kings‘ mate. Elora is the epitome of kindness and a selfless heart that you will surely admire.

Chosen by the Dragon Kings‘ Playful Villain: Dragus

Chosen by the Dragon Kings Book

The playful villain, who loves teasing Elora and is always the jolly one. Dragus was one of the dragon kings who ruled the realm for ages. He was delighted when Elora was chosen by the dragon kings.

Meeting Elora was one of her favorite things, besides fighting in a war. His ability to move like thunder from one place to another always amazed Elora. He was Elora‘s first kiss, a thing he would forever cherish. As cheesy as it sounds, Elora‘s smile always makes his heart race.

Chosen by the Dragon Kings Book‘ Prince-charming Villain: Matitus

 Chosen by the Dragon Kings

The most caring among the three dragon kings. Matatus is the one who loves listening to Elora‘s rants and stories. He is the prince-charming villain you wish to have in your own love story. Elora admired her kindness and calm. However, behind the calmness was a darkness that would shock everyone, especially Elora. Will Elora still trust her after that?

Chosen by the Dragon Kings Jessica Hall‘s The Broken Villain: Silas

Chosen by the Dragon Kings by Jessica Hall

The most ruthless and evil of the three dragon kings. Sila’s patience was put to the test when she met Elora. In his mind, Elora‘s her mate and was chosen by the dragon kings so she should comply.

Because of his parents and dark history with the Fae, he has the most reasons to hate her. Elora’s a Fae, so in his mind, the girl deserves to suffer, and he did everything to make Elora want her more than the two dragon kings.

But Sila’s world turned upside down when he discovered Elora’s genuine care and kindness, far from what the Faes did to his parents. In addition, Elora has the power to melt his heart and burn his temper. Good luck to his grumpy heart.

Part 3: About the author of Chosen by the Dragon Kings – Jessica Hall

 Chosen by the Dragon Kings Book by Jessica Hall

Jessica Halls is an international best-selling author. She has various books booming on different reading platforms, online or even physical books. Her love for writing was beyond her imagination. She can bring you into an impossible world you could not imagine.

One of her reader‘s favorites is Chosen by the Dragon Kings. Most of her novels are in the paranormal, dark fiction, and erotic fantasy genres. She has exceptional skills in writing unique stories.

Despite the mind-boggling plot and her unforgettable characters, the quality was always there, and you couldn’t stop reading until you reached the last page. However, Chosen by the Dragon Kings book is my favorite of all her works.

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