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Hot Chapters From Your Talent Is Mine

In Your Talent Is Mine, Ye Tian has to battle the skies to alter his destiny. He has to fight to survive and keep his sister safe from the alien beast invading catastrophe.

He starts exploring the unfamiliar realm to gain strength, and while he does so, he progressively reveals the reason the other dimensions are invaded. But then he got killed and was reborn talentless at another time.

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Part 1: Main Story Of Your Talent Is Mine

Your Talent Is Mine is a story of a young man named Ye Tian, who can copy the abilities of others. Ye Tian was reincarnated into a different body, in the year 2119, with the same name he had in his past life.

The year 2119 – is the talent era. The problem is even in his present life he was disappointed to wake up with unawakened abilities. But then was surprised one day when he unconsciously replicated a prodigy girl’s talent. Now the question is won’t he be in trouble cultivating the skills of others?

Part 2: Hot Chapters from Your Talent Is Mine

Your Talent Is Mine by Alias007 is a cultivation fantasy novel. If you haven’t read this book yet, here is a glimpse and review of its trending chapters.

Chapter 5 – Replicating Talent From Vicious Beast

Your Talent Is Mine Chapter 5

This is an exciting chapter of Your Talent Is Mine. So, here, Ye Tian was still getting acquainted with his newly discovered replication talent, but in this chapter of Your Talent Is Mine, he was forced to face a vicious beast that is feared by many.

The scenes in this chapter are set in Lin Hai base, a city surrounded by walls but still, the vicious beast was able to come through it. This is an action-packed chapter, and the vibe of the setting was kind of fresh for a game world.

This is one thing I like about the novel Your Talent Is Mine because the feeling of the setting is not the virtual type of game world but here, particularly in Chapter 5 it was like the readers are transported to a realistic world.

So far in this chapter of Your Talent Is Mine, Ye Tian successfully got his second ability, and it was from the vicious beast that he replicated.

Chapter 13 – Dark Umbra Talent

Your Talent Is Mine Dark Umbra

This chapter of Your Talent Is Mine is intriguing. So, what is Dark Umbra Talent? I won’t explain that in detail or I will spoil the chapter. Anyway, at this point, Ye Tian had an encounter with a martial artist whose skills are quite suspicious contrary to what he can detect.

Also, in this part of the plot, Ye Tian was already becoming skilled in cultivating powers. In the end, he was able to replicate the Dark Umbra Talent, only to discover how useful and incredible this talent is.

Chapter 15 – Top Tier Knife Talent

Your Your Talent Is Mine Shadow Knife

This is a unique chapter of Your Talent Is Mine because here we get to see Ye Tian replicating talent from a dead opponent. So, at this point, he copied the dark umbra talent from the dead Li Cun.

But more is yet to come in this chapter of Your Talent Is Mine. Later on, Li Cun’s technique book revealed to him the shadow knife art technique. The shadow knife is a top-tier knife technique that once learned one’s strength could increase. It is a strong technique.

This chapter of Your Talent Is Mine ends with a cliffhanger about Li Hai wondering why Shadow would want to kill him without knowing that it was Ye Tian who was responsible.

Chapter 19 – A Girl With A High-Level Talent

Your Talent Is Mine Girl With High Level Talent

In this chapter of Your Talent Is Mine, Ye Tian is in the black market and was about to purchase a skill, but then he noticed that his money wasn’t enough. Then he was introduced to the store manager, and surprisingly, contrary to what he expected, the manager was a girl.

when he checked his level he was surprised to see that the girl has such a high cultivation ability and that she was a genius. What’s exciting in this chapter of Your Talent Is Mine, is here, we get to see how incredible Ye Tian’s replicating ability is. He absorbed and copied the girl’s talent without any effort, and without the girl knowing.

Another highlight in this chapter is since, at this time, Ye Tian had already replicated the martial artist ability from his previous encounter, the girl was later on revealed as a martial artist from a larger base, and so she offered Ye Tian to join in the martial Pavillion but he refused.

Chapter 23- Yue Ling’s Gift

Your Talent Is Mine Yue Ling’s Gift

So, in previous chapters of Your Talent Is Mine, a girl with incredible ability was introduced. Later on, she became Ye Tian’s friend. Yue Ling is a martial artist, also skilled in cultivation and combat, but then in chapter 23 of Your Talent Is Mine, she got badly wounded in their previous encounter with the vicious beast.

But thankfully, Ye Tian saved her. They were now in the cave, and Yue Ling was taking time to heal herself when Ye Tian discovered her gift which he never expected nor seen in her before.

So far this chapter of Your Talent Is Mine is more of an exposition of Yue Ling’s abilities and of the talent she acquired. The good thing is, she seemed to trust Ye Tian enough, that she discloses all that her skills can do without thinking that he might be greedy.

Chapter 25 – Searching For An Offensive Type Talent

Your Talent Is Mine Jellyfish Top Healing Ability

So in this chapter of Your Talent Is Mine, Ye Tian can now detect other’s talent even from a distance. He also has achieved at this point, the rank of an Elite Martial Artist. And now he is in the lake of death searching for an aquatic beast to replicate on. He was shocked to encounter a lighthouse jellyfish with top healing ability. He successfully copied the healing ability and excitedly explored it.

However, he realized that it was simply just a healing talent but its way far could make him immortal, since using this talent would require him much energy and that the healing won’t be effective once his body drains out of energy in executing it. Yet, for him, it’s still useful to delay fatal attacks.

Also, with this healing talent, Ye Tian concluded that an intermediate vicious beast would have trouble facing him.

Your Talent Is Mine is interesting because here we get to experience a character whose replicating ability is effortlessly executed.

The replicating talent as the story premise was intriguing too, but reading through what boggles in the reader’s mind is where Ye Tian’s replicating talent will take him. Would he become a master cultivator? Or what dangers await him in the end? Well, that’s what to find out in Your Talent Is Mine.

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