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Hot Chapters From The Perfect Luna

The Perfect Luna novel by Marissa Gilbert is a werewolf book with a thriller romance sub-genre. But unlike other generic werewolves books, this one takes you through the turmoil and dilemma of Riannon Thorn, the Luna of the Silver River Pack, who in her first life lost everything (including her life) to her husband’s evil, true mate, Roxanne.

Now in her rebirth (thanks to the moon goddess) and with history threatening to repeat itself, the perfect Luna must fight for her life, and for everything she lost in her first life.

To achieve this, she must make allies with the powerful alphas in the country (including the infamous Lycan King, Gideon) who will support her when her husband, Brayden divorces her; and will stand by her when she fights to reclaim her pack which was merged with Brayden’s after their marriage and the death of her parents.

Also, how will Riannon handle it when she realizes that she and the smoking hot lycan king, Gideon are mates? Read to find out more!

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Part 1: Main Characters From The Perfect Luna

Riannon Thorn Nee Michaels

The Perfect Luna: Riannon Thorn Nee Micheals

The protagonist Riannon Thorn Nee Michaels is portrayed in the book as a perfect Luna who could’ve been selfish if she wanted to but decided to stay and fight for her pack.

After her husband’s true mate, Roxanne murders her in her first life, she vows to make use of this second chance the moon goddess gives her justly, to avoid history repeating itself. In terms of physical appearance, the perfect Luna, Riannon Thorn has long platinum-blonde hair.

Her wolf alter ego name is Onyx. And she’s extremely smart because it takes a certain level of intelligence to be able to understand that she needs to use Roxanne’s trick against her to be able to beat her in her game.

Brayden Thorn

The Perfect Luna: Brayden Thorn

Brayden Thorn is the twenty-six years old alpha of the Silver River pack. He is Riannon Thorn’s husband, and also Roxanne’s true mate. In the perfect Luna, Brayden is so lost in satisfying his wolf alter ego, Ragnar that he doesn’t outrightly realize how much he’s hurting his wife.

He unintentionally lets his evil mate, Roxanne manipulate him, and use him as a pawn against his wife, Riannon – someone whom he has been together with since he was sixteen and she was fifteen. Blame him all you want to, but this is not entirely his fault because only Riannon knows Roxanne’s true color.


The Perfect Luna: Roxanne

Roxanne, the cute ginger head, maltreated, petite omega, and Brayden’s true mate is the antagonist of the book. The perfect Luna’s nemesis! She is a very manipulative and cunning person who hides behind the mask of an innocent maltreated girl to harm.

In Riannon’s first life, she wins everyone over into her camp by playing the pity card, and subsequently manipulates Brayden into making her his Luna. And as if that’s not enough, she kills Riannon’s best friend, Maya, before eventually murdering Riannon herself.


The Perfect Luna: Gideon

Gideon according to the book is the infamous lycan king. The most respected feared, and powerful creature existing. He’s a very handsome hot stud, who also happens to be proud, ill-mannered and a playboy, just like his friend and beta, Reid.

Notwithstanding, he plays a pivotal role in helping Riannon in the Alpha’s Council to secure her pack after her divorce from Brayden. Although under his flaws (which might also be a turn-on to some women) Gideon is a nice person.

He was able to find sense in Riannon’s argument about how the system of the Alpha Council is rigged against women; even then when he did not yet know that Riannon was his mate. Gideon is a huge black wolf, with golden eyes.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters From The Perfect Luna

The Perfect Luna Chapter 1

The Perfect Luna: Relationship triangle between Riannon, Brayden, and Roxanne

The first chapter of the perfect Luna sets the pace immediately of what the book is about. You can already feel the tension, it’s almost palpable when Brayden causes a scene by bringing in a cute gingerhead omega into his pack house and introduces him to everyone as his true mate.

He does not realize what he’s done but his actions are clear insults to the side of his wife. Riannon on her side is less bothered about that. Rather she’s stunned that she’s reliving her past life again as if by some cruel fate.

A past life, where the cunning devil hiding her husband, turned everyone against her, stripped her of all she had and her status, and eventually killed her.

Roxanne can’t even escape her nature. The very moment she is introduced to the Silver River pack she begins to play the pity card, trying to manipulate everyone to do her bidding, and of course, the naive and gullible Brayden falls for it.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 3

The Perfect Luna: Riannon Swimming in the Silver Mirror Lake

After the drama that ensued following the introduction of Roxanne to the pack, Riannon decides to go and swim in the Silver Mirror Lake (which also happens to be close to the Lycan’s territory) to cool her head.

Already naked inside the lake, Riannon begins to feel an unknown presence, powerful and dominating (the aura of an alpha) yet she was certain it did not belong to her husband. Eyes searching warily, Riannon catches the figure of a huge, black wolf on a hill, who had golden eyes.

Alarmed, she slips underwater and swims away to safety, not knowing that she was running away from her true mate, Gideon the lycan king. This might look sexy and all, but someone please tell Gideon he was being a creep. You do not spy on a naked woman while she’s swimming!

The Perfect Luna Chapter 9

The Perfect Luna: The Alpha Ball

During the alpha ball, after Brayden decided to insult his wife Riannon again by taking his mate Roxanne as his partner to the ball; Ria decided to teach him a lesson.

First, she beats her nemesis, Roxanne at her own game by tricking her into choosing to wear a hideous peach dress for the ball, and then she attends the ball wearing a stunning, literally jaw-dropping, red gown.

Her beautiful dress, together with her charms, causes most of the single hot alphas to make passes at her because they think she’s on the market. Of course, this makes Brayden boil in jealousy, but he can’t do anything because he has already made his choice.

Riannon does not realize this yet, but her charms and wits did not only catch just the werewolf alphas, they went ahead to smite the lycan king himself, Gideon.

Before Gideon even saw her, he had been reminiscing about the first time he saw her at the Silver Mirror Lake (although he doesn’t know that the woman he saw then was the Silver River pack luna, Riannon); fantasizing about her naked body, how her blonde hair flowed around her, how her skin glowed under the moonlight, and how her perfectly shaped breasts peeked out of the water.

They were so tempting that they had made him trespass into her territory.

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