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Hot Chapter’s from The Author’s POV

What do you think the feeling of being inside your novel is like? that you already know the leads, the antagonists, and the supporting characters? I think it would be fun but scary at the same time. Especially if you have a very imaginative mind to twist the plot of the story.

The Author’s POV will give you mind-boggling scenes in his own story; he will be inside it and fight his twists and turns. The hot chapters ahead will make you ask for more chapters.

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Part 1: The Author’s POV

The Author's POV: Ren Davor

Being an author needs the inspiration to write and finish such amazing novels, and it wasn’t that easy. Like Ren Dover, there was writer’s block and an emotional conflict that could have affected your piece. He was an orphan and grew up fighting the hard battles of life until he became a famous novelist. He was the number-one author for years until he dropped it like a bomb because of his issues.

Ren became demotivated and succumbed to loneliness, and it seems his words were no longer magic anymore for a novel. One time, he found himself in a familiar situation that he only saw in his imagination. He was reincarnated in his novel, not as a protagonist but as just a random mob. The story would be at the author’s pov.

Part 2: The Main Lead of The Author’s POV

The Author's POV: Ren Davor

Ren Davor is his name, a teenage student who was depressed and tired of living his life. He was once a bestselling author, but his issues were stronger than his dreams, so he failed. Ren loves to write; it was his life. So, the universe created his imagination for him to enter it.

Trials and failures follow, but Ren eventually learns that life is harsh but full of colorful surprises. He was given a positive mind in his world. Ren enjoyed every moment of the author’s pov. I just hope that he is ready to fight again in the real world once he wakes up.

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Part 3: The Hot and Mind-Boggling Chapters of The Author’s POV

The Author’s POV Chapter 2: Reincarnation in his novel

The Author's POV: Reincarnation

Ren’s last memory before losing consciousness was writing a chapter in his new novel. But he suddenly felt dizzy, which is because of his blood pressure. It always fluctuates whenever he’s stressed, so he decided to take medication. He had poor living conditions as a child, which led to him getting sick at an early age.

The scene abruptly changed in the blink of an eye. He was taken aback when he realized where he was. And the setting of his book fits the description of that location perfectly. Is Ren dead? He wasn’t sure, but one thing was certain, he was trapped inside his own story. Looks like he needs to narrate everything in the author’s POV.

The Author’s POV Chapter 5: The Sword

The Author's POV: The Sword

The events taking place all around Ren left him feeling overwhelmed. It appears realistic, and he experienced a sense of his story’s every detail becoming reality. The first task was getting the sword. The situation is becoming crazy.

When he heard a technical voice and saw a screen in front of him telling him about his level, Ren started panicking. The instruction was for him to climb a mountain, so he did. He got tired but was surprised that he didn’t feel weak anymore. What an amazing imagination he has, he thought.

In what he wrote, he was extremely accurate. He hadn’t felt surprised at himself in a long time, but for some reason he was. But, in his mind, it was hard to be in the author’s pov.

The Author’s POV Chapter 8: The Armor

The Author's POV: The Armor

Ren didn’t expect that being inside his novel would put him in a tough situation. He was the author, so he had the know-how for everything. Ren cursed to himself about how difficult having armor and following the rules would be.

He didn’t have a choice but to comply with his own rules, so he might as well enjoy the moment, and he rolled his eyes. But a part of him was scared as the story went on because of the chaos that lay ahead. Having himself as the author’s pov is a real challenge.

The Author’s POV Chapter 13: Virtual Reality

The Author's POV:

Virtual Reality

It was part of his task to train because his book was an action fantasy. Training entails returning to a frustrating school to study once more. Because he was poor and needed good grades to keep his scholarship, he struggled to study in real life.

In the book, Ren Dover was enjoying his journey despite the many stages of tasks, which made him realize that it was better to be a fictional character than face the struggles and monsters of real life. As a result, he was able to make some new friends and develop a self-taught skill of which he is the creator.

This gives him a leg up on the competition and allows him to excel in any task. Ren realized it was entertaining to play from the author’s pov.

The Author’s POV Chapter 27: Inside the dungeon

The task grew more challenging as it went on. In this chapter from the author’s pov, Ren was in the dungeon. Even though he was getting worn out, he had to slay the dungeon monster. He needs water because his strength is dwindling.

Ren struggled as long as he could to escape the dungeon. He succeeds eventually and goes on to create another monster. He gasped, obviously exhausted, “Why on earth did I make such a monster like this?”

The Author’s POV Chapter 19: Money

The Author's POV: Making Money

Ren’s favorite part of the job is making money because he doesn’t have much of it in his real life. The more you fight, the more you’ll earn. As he continued his journey, he came to understand that money played a significant role in almost everything, even in the fiction world. That antagonist can be manipulated and defeated by money, which is a harsh reality in real life as well.

Part 4: Conclusion of The Author’s POV

The message of this story is not only to enjoy the plot or characters but rather to grasp the author’s perspective. Like Ren Davor, every scene in the book represents all his pretensions and feelings. His own life experiences had a significant influence on every word he wrote and every struggle he gave his characters. If you love to write, you will appreciate the author’s pov.

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