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Hot Chapters from The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate

To keep the reader’s interest, every story needs a few hot chapters. You will get chills and your jaw will drop during the intense fight sequences, erotic moments between the romantic leads, and unbelievable plot twists. But before you dive into those sizzling spoilers of the alpha’s rejected and broken mate, let’s look at the cast and plot.

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Part 1: The Storyline of The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate

The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate by Cat Smith

The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate female lead, Amber has been ignored by her family since birth because she does not look like her twin sister Sophie who resembles their father. They spent their entire childhoods comparing one another.

Amber eventually learned to suppress her feelings and submit to her parents, especially her father, who did not care for her. In addition, Amber didn’t feel like herself because she didn’t have a wolf-like Sophie had at age 18.

Her boyfriend, Darius, is the only one who can truly make her happy. But Sophie managed to seduce him, and she was powerless to stop it because her father had told her to obtain it. Despite her pain, Amber healed and continued until she met Alpha Rowan.

The revelation that he was her mate also took her by surprise. Their initial reaction to each other was anger and resentment, but eventually, their wolf natures began to yearn for each other.

Part 2: The Main Characters of The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate


The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate: Amber

Amber, the stunning beauty you’re staring at, is the offspring of two betas who didn’t much have affection for her, the female lead of The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate.

There was a sad childhood hidden behind those gorgeous eyes. She was wolfless and saw herself as unworthy of her family. She suffered constant pain and was depressed. Amber was a betrayed twin sister and will be ready to give way just to make her sister happy.


The twin sister of The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate

I wanted to rip out her hair, but I had to introduce her first. Sophie is Amber’s twin sister, although The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate, Amber looked nothing like her. Thank God. Her insane gooseneck faucet, illuminated by two attitudes, was grating on Amber’s nerves.

Sophie was always the favorite child, but she never stopped feeling jealous of her sister, Amber. Plus, she was a thief because she had stolen Amber’s boyfriend, Darius.


The soon to be Alpha of The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate

Reading about this man’s character in The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate will make you want to punch him in the balls. He was Amber’s boyfriend for a whole year, but Sophie liked him too.

Therefore, the woman seduced him, and Darius gave in with the snap of a finger. He cheated on Amber alongside Amber’s leech of a sister, and they continued their intimate relations behind her back until they were found.

Over time, Darius experienced the consequences of his actions. Good for him. Because of what happened, Darius immediately arranged to marry Sophie. But as time passed, their relationship was chaotic because Darius realized that he still loved Amber. He eventually hurt Sophie in the end.


Alpha Rowan of The Alpha's rejected and Broken Mate

It’s impossible not to fall in love with his dazzling grin. The Alpha’s rejected and Broken Mate, Amber’s beauty captivated the Alpha Rowan’s attention. The initial stages of their relationship were fraught with mutual dislike.

In the days after Rowan’s arrival, Amber was constantly annoyed by him, but eventually, her feelings changed, and she came to admire him. Amber gradually let Rowan into her true self, and Rowan was able to feel the pain and grief Amber was experiencing because of her family problems. He was Amber’s shoulder to cry on until his wolf craved her. Because Amber is his mate.

Since then, Alpha Rowan protected Amber and even tried to get rid of her sister Sophie. He was mad at the woman for hurting the love of his life. Since then, Alpha Rowan has looked out for Amber and even attempted to destroy her sister, Sophie. He was furious at the woman for causing so much pain to his mate.

In truth, Alpha Rowan’s motive for attacking Amber’s pack was nothing more than retaliation. As fate would have it, he ends up falling in love with her. I hope Amber will be able to forgive him.

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Part 3: Sizzling Chapters of The Alpha’s rejected and Broken Mate

Chapter 8: Cheating Bustard

The Alpha's rejected and broken mate's tears

This flaming hot new chapter of The Alpha’s rejected and broken mate will also make you furious. Sophie began seducing Darius, Amber’s boyfriend, but Darius managed to resist at first. But the woman was no plan to pull herself from Darius.

As she danced seductively, Amber began to strip down. Darius felt a sensation developing in his privates and eventually gave in to his lust. He took Sophie in his arms and started kissing her until the two moaned each other’s names. Soon after, Amber walked in and saw them swaying passionately to their desires.

Chapter 24: Retribution of The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate

The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate The Betrayer's Karma

This chapter of The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken mate was heart-clenching. Darius admitted to Sophie after their lovemaking that he thought of Amber the entire time they did it.

Darius somehow realizes his mistakes and tells the truth to Sophie that he just agreed to be married to her because his father would not make him the next alpha if he refused. Sophie was hurt, and, as usual, she laid the blame at Amber’s feet.

Chapter 54: Frustration and an ex-girlfriend

The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate: Rowan and Amber

The odd behavior of Amber in the weeks after Alpha Rowan claimed her as his mate makes for a charming chapter. In addition, to “claim” something necessitates sexual activity. Alpha Rowan laughed with delight as Amber unexpectedly brought her ex-girlfriend as a topic into their bed naked! Hormones are ridiculous.

Rowan put his hand under the covers and played with Amber’s wetness until his mate screamed his name, which silenced her whining. The issue is now resolved. No more ex-related topics. What a brilliant Alpha of The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate.


The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate Love Wins

The novel The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate novel was surprisingly excellent. Despite their lousy intention for their female leads, love still wins. The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate by Cat Smith is perfect if you’re looking for revenge fantasy love romance. Kudos to this five-star author.

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