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Hot Chapters from Her Alpha’s Orders

Her Alpha’s Orders is written based on the most attractive genre in the online romance novel today, which is the werewolf romance genre. Its readers love the shifting tendency of the male and female werewolf, a significant characteristic of the torture the female lead undergoes, her kickass heroine drive, and most enticingly hottie Alpha male.

Jo-anne in Her Alpha’s Orders is forced to stay with her Alpha mate due to Wolfen laws. One vital thing is that they don’t want the mate to bond with each other. She thinks has only one way out of the mess, so she begs him to reject her. Wanting to be free, she attempts suicide but survives and she returned to him.

She makes another effort and rejects him just hours before she is to be announced as the Pack’s future Luna, which preceded her 18th birthday, at the time of the celebration a mysterious set of marks appears down her back and causes her what she calls the Shivers, and erotic sensations.

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Part 1: The Author of Her Alpha’s Orders

Author of her alpha's orders

Jenna hails from Australia. She is a prolific writer. She has always wanted to be a writer, it was her lifelong dream to see her name on a book. Her books run a little differently from most, werewolf dramas. She has brought in some unique gifts to certain characters and all her books, Such as Gamma’s having Gamma charm, Luna Calm, and the occasional Alpha will have mindsight just like in Her Alpha’s Orders.

Her characters are built around emotional traumas, not physical and they are all around 26 to 30. They usually have a terrible or deeply sad back story but are never abused in any way, except for feeling unloved or hated over something they have been mistaken for. Some of her characters are second-chance mates themselves or mated as a second chance for their antagonist in the story.

She has the skill to write in Duel POVs and throw in the occasional extra POV for either a bit of light-hearted fun or clarification of something. Her books are fun, dramatic, and emotional with some action and fighting, of course, characters who are drawn to each other but some more resistant than others.

Part 2: Hot Chapters from Her Alpha’s Orders

Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 16

her alpha's orders chapter 16

It was a pleasant afternoon spent in Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 16. They had a late lunch at one of the town’s cafes and then walked around the lake. Jo-anne noticed her family’s old house was missing and inquired as to what had happened. With a shrug, West told her it caught fire and didn’t say anything else about it. They didn’t get back to the pack-house until dinner time, and she sat next to T.J. for her meal so at ease around him

West appeared and sat at the opposite end of the table, Miranda with him, as expected. Even now, it appeared that the girl was only looking at him. She smiled at Jo-anne and inquired about her day.

It wasn’t uncommon for people to suspect there was more between her and T.J. Even when she was younger, people had commented on how close the two of them were, and she’d heard on more than one occasion people say they thought she and T.J. Mate would most likely end up.

Her alpha's orders chapter 16

Not that she’d ever been around him in that manner, or looked at him like that. She doubted he looked at her like that either, they were just close. They did have a very close bond, it was unmistakable and she did trust him completely, she supposed this set in Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 16 on fire for suspense.

Jo-anne shook it off and turned her attention to the future Luna of her pack. She was talking with everyone, she had gotten up and wandered away from the table to talk to people, she knew nearly everybody, Jo-anne realized and wondered how long she had been here in the pack.

If she was West’s Mate, why had he not marked her yet? She wondered if there was perhaps some sort of Mating Alliance that was preventing him from doing so until a certain time. Was it possible, she thought?

The woman close to her seem was very friendly, a happy and smiling critter, the total opposite of West himself, she thought.

Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 33

Her alpha's orders chapter 33

West had been doing his best to stay away from her over the past couple of days in Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 33, he had buried himself in paperwork and phone calls. He even actually left the Packers territory to officially open his new airline and have a press conference. Inspected all his planes and check that it was ready, he knew they were, but a good long walk around the aircraft hanger had been a good distraction from her.

He hears of an attack on Jo-anna and rushes to meet her at the hospital. The one who had done this was not out to just hurt her. They were out to kill her. Had likely damned near succeeded, Volt was whining inside his mind for Clova. He tried to calm his wolf. ‘Unconscious is all Volt.

West has lost his Mate once before and just looking at her, he could feel his wolf worry he might lose her again. They would have to wait and see, but as he focused on her with all his Alpha senses, West could Sense Clova still in there somewhere, not gone just unconscious like Jo-anne in Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 33.

Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 54

Her alpha's orders chapter 54

In Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 54, Jo-anna watched him strip his cloth off, and hadn’t done a damned thing about it, didn’t even utter the word no, had simply sent up a prayer to the goddess that no one would know he was in her room, and what they were about to do. She doesn’t even want to stop what she knew was coming

He put a hand over her face, he’d never touched her like that before, something she had always wanted him to do during their bond, and his touch had only incited her into a frenzied need for him. The minute his hands had touched her moons, slid over them, all she’d wanted was to have him.

He touching her moons had shot a desperate desire through her, for him to just pound the hell out of her. It had been like nothing she’d ever felt before.

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